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December 8, 2012
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Chapter Three: continued...


Through the damned tangles of the cottony-earthly torturous clothing, I could hear the door open. I tugged off the hooded cloth swiftly to see the Dib human staring idiotically at the door, pizza and chocolate in hand. I knew as soon as I saw him I shouldn’t have left the field offline. He babbled about getting the food and sorry for one thing or another, but everything he said seemed to spill out of his mouth more than actually speak about anything. I could feel his eyes on my chest and it was starting to make me panic from his lack of attention. Grabbing a hold of his large broad shoulders and gave him a few strong shakes, bringing him back to the filthy planet from wherever his mind had hid away. My toe talons were at the very tip as I reached to clasp ahold of him. He had gotten so much taller, the bastard.
When he woke up and began to be a little more normal I instructed him to sit down on the couch unit and took my clothes with me to a close level in the base. Acting as a room now, storage level A-2 was now a place for my new earth clothes. I found that human use their clothing to torture them rather than define and defend themselves like other uniforms do. Their forms are similar to mine though, so they tend to be quite comfortable. Not bothering to put on a shirt, I pulled a clean black hoodie from underneath my less liked folded laundry. It had a symbol on it that represented some kind of divine figure known as Slender or something of the case. A feared man, I’ve heard; so he had earned my respect enough to sport him in uniform.
I rushed back upstairs afraid for the Dib’s snooping in my living room.  I found him where I had left him, the boxes placed in his lap. I sat next to him momentarily. I asked him why he had arrived so early. Apparently, he had gotten off of work before schedule. When I asked why he had arrived so early, his answer seemed strange. Not the actual answer, but the way he said it came out more of an off tone musical note than that of his normal deep voice. He was so white, it was unnatural for him. I studied the spectrum of colors that humans were supposed to turn, but even though Dib’s was much paler than normal humans’….it was still off. He seemed to stare as my bare hands for some reason, watching my movements. Knowing Dib, he was probably looking for some kind of weakness. I knew he had always been obsessed with my race’s body form and features.
Something was definitely up with the human, but Zim didn’t have time for such frivolity as studying the human’s “mood swings”. I apologized that he had to pick up that slop and directed him to Gir’s box. Assuming he could deal with that by himself, I went ahead to the kitchen. Sitting down at the table, I thought once he came inside he would figure out how to feed himself. Apparently I was wrong since he just joined me at the table. Stupid human.  I stated that I had made the meal. The idiot questioned why I made human food. Wasn’t it obvious that I made it for him? Why would I make human food for me? Assuming that I must have fucked up the recipe or something, I got up and went to throw it out. He hollered at me in a kind of yelp when I did though. I stopped for a moment and just looked at him strangely as I made him a dish instead.  I ended up having to get him a damn bowl and set it in front of him. We enjoyed a very tight conversation that I wasn’t focused enough to really be in. It felt a little good that the Dib liked my cooking. It was my first real cooking experiment for a human before. It was something for the record, definitely.
After that things were very to the point. He asked me what I wanted him for. He had been tight lipped almost the entire time he was eating. When he used a certain tone to be that suggested I was something lower than him, I felt myself get a little snippy. He had asked what someone like me would want from him. It turned out that he was actually giving me a human compliment of some kind. I let him escape the situation unscathed, but urged him to finish his meal. Zim has such important work to get done. I looked at him now and then to see him slurp up the meaty noodles in hunger. How envious I was. Being hungry for this planet’s meals was something Zim had wanted for a while. These pig smellies gorged themselves on the strangest things. Most of which didn’t even contain any kind of sweetener. It was hard for me to imagine a substance that wasn’t either sweet covered or made with a substance that the human’s called “sugar”. Before he noticed, I snatched my watchful gaze away from his devouring of the noodle heap; I stared at the wall, waiting for the Dib to finish his meal. The very moment I twitched from the sudden pain of biting too deeply into my own lip, Dib stated he was finished. I must have been thinking too seriously for a moment.
Standing up I felt his eyes hard on me. He had always done it, but it was a little more intense this time. I adverted my eyes to the bowl with unnecessary attention. Done with the dish now, I tossed it into the incinerator. The dark haired human stood up once more. His over baring height was hard to ignore, but I had to if I didn’t want to start a fight him. Secretly admiring his height for years, I had grown accustom to ignore the difference between his height and my own.  I lead him to the elevator, still not making full eye contact. To be honest with myself I had NOT considered his new height regarding the contents of my elevator. I pretended that I did not notice. It was a thing I really had to think about, taking him to the lab. Obviously not enough though since I didn’t think about how the handsomely tall figure of the human could barely fit in the elevator tube with me. He had to crouched with his long legs bent towards his broad chest to even sit in the elevator. He was quiet on the way down besides some awkward attempts at starting a conversation, but I felt him looking up at me. Felt good. It was about time the human looked up to me in some kind of way. Without thinking I let the weight of my hips shift and I ended up pressing my waist against the strength of Dib’s shoulders. I tried to pretend like I thought nothing of it, as if it was on purpose. He seemed to be okay with the contact and didn’t say anything opposing. My chest fluttered a little at the position we were in. The Dib human had always been handsome, but he had grown into a devastatingly delicious pre-adult. I smacked myself mentally to think so fondly of the human. Deep down I still knew he hated my race and their overall intention. Dib was like the biggest patriot of the world.
We made it to the floor. My squiddlely-spooch pressed into my throatily area as I tried to calm myself. I needed to ask him directly. Zim could not try to trick the human into helping him this time. I want to be more human. If I am to be stuck here…I want a life here; a normal one. Of course, I am never going to give up my superior form of an irken, but I had built this machine to do just what I needed. With the right DNA code, I could control what shape I took; to the absolute molecule. The deeper reason I wanted to be human… could not be known to the Dib yet…., but he needed to know the truth. I needed his DNA signature. Sure, I could have taken it from him in his sleep, but the truth was that I knew he would love this. He loved this kind of science as much as I did. I introduced him to the machine I had created for this experiment. His eyes were filled with wonder at my creation. I set in the proper settings for the Dib to stand in the right tubing, then looked dead at him with his curious questions and sighed.
I took a deep inhale and looked at Dib through the screen. I told him it wouldn’t work without his assistance. He, of course, wanted to know more about it; asking nervously what it did exactly once it worked. Sighing again, I admitted what it would do. It would make me human. Plain and simple. Well, not so simple. I told him what I needed. Well, not really what I needed. More like what would happen when I got what I wanted. As I suspected, he was surprised. Wide eyed he seemed intrigued. I was expecting him to shoot me down and my taloned finger waited gingerly on the panic button on the touch screen. To my own surprise he asked me what I needed him to do to help. I felt my eyes jolt back to him, wordless.
“I…uh just go stand…in the uh- right one. It’ll only take a moment to program the cross over. Sorry if the tube is a little small…. I didn’t calibrate it for your latest heights. The Dib had gotten so much taller. In my own race it demanded respect, but it was hard to treat the Dib in this way. I had to admit though….it made him seem extremely attractive to my species. The keys matched into the places as I calibrated the scan of Dib’s tube. The DNA was accepted and I took a deep breathe. My lekkus flattened a little to my head as I walked to the matching tube. I was nervous. I didn’t mention it to Dib, but it was actual extremely dangerous to even attempt this. If even one organ was put in the wrong place, I could die from a horrible death. There were no changes being made to the Dib, so he was safe. That fact alone made me feel like it was worth the chance. I was tired of living in exile to my own race and to the humans…I needed to belong somewhere. Entering the tube I faced Dib, directing myself to the computer.
“Computer! Run force copy scan beta one!” I closed my eyes and felt a shiver run up me. This was it. I peeked my eye open one last time before the scan and glanced at the Dib. He was smiling at me. He placed his hand against the glass of his tube and faced it towards me in comfort. My mouth dropped a bit in disbelief at the emotion in his eyes to me. It was like he knew some way that somehow I didn’t feel 100% about this…stupid human. Still I reached my claw up and did the same, palm out stretched to him. I closed my eyes once more. Trying not to think this maybe the last time I see Dib without bleeding from my eyes, I forcefully relaxed the muscles in my body. The scan began.
Sorry about the goofy uploading crap. i hate da's literary upload process.
Chapter three 1/2: EARTH FRIENDLY Ch 3
Chapter three:
"I.....brought the pizza." was all I could get out. Zim’s alarm system was off, but I don’t know why I just walked inside. Why didn’t I knock? Why didn’t I knock?! Now I was stuck in what felt like time, worse than when Zim actually got me stuck in that time vortex. The skin I couldn’t stop thinking of was in front of me, bare. I couldn’t stop staring. I must have zoned out because I didn’t notice he had moved until he was in my face.
"Dib! Are you alright?" his gloveless hands were on my shoulders, shaking me back and forth slightly, probably trying to bring me back to Earth. "Your huge face is so white! What's wrong?" why was he half naked? Why did he take off his hoodie and his gloves in the livingroom?! No, it was my fault I should have knocked. "Dib-worm!" Zim called out once more.
"I couldn’t find chocolate pizza so I bought chocolate bars too." It was the only thing I could think of saying. It’s what I had

Chapter Four: EARTH FRIENDLY Ch 4
Chapter Four
I was terrified for a moment when I stepped into the tube. Zim could have been easily tricking me to destroy myself, but it’s been so long. Why would he try to kill me now? He tapped some codes into the touch screen thingy. It was all in irken so I had no idea what any of it said. Afterwards, he walked towards the other tube. He looked so worried. With his antenna whimpered to the back of his head, he was the very image of vulnerable.  This was crazy. Why did he even want to be able to be human? Maybe it was for a better disguise. I honestly didn’t care much. I wanted to see if it would work. I wondered for a second on why he didn’t just steal a human if that’s all he needed. He hated asking for someone’s help so why not take someone against their will?
Just as all these question jumbled through my spinning head I glanced over at Zim. He was so pinned up in the tube. His shoulders were tightly pressed near his head in a clinch, almost as
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