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August 31, 2012
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Dedicated to the Little Karabear

Chapter One:

Everything in the room was fuzzy, but I could see him clearly. His serpent like tongue coiled around the tip of my very sensitive and excited dick. I try to stifle a moan as the slick end of his sharp tongue grazes over the very end of me. I looked down and slid my fingers through the hair of his wig. When he drove my hard shaft deep into his twisted foreign throat, I threw the disguise to the side and played with the tip of his antennae, pinching it between my fingertips. I could feel his heartbeat, or whatever it was that pumped his blue blood, through the head of my throbing cock. I felt my lungs start to pull in breath harder and harder as Zim sucked and swallowed. I felt myself getting closer. He made a purring noise which vibrated his insides as I wrapped my hand in his antennae almost like horse reins, throat fucking him as hard as I could using my other hand to hold the back of his neck. I felt his sharp gloved talons digging in slighty to the back of my legs, the harder I thrusted the more they cut into me. His eyes started to water and small dabs of drool began to run down his chin, but this face only made me want to cum harder. That's when I just went ahead and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him all the way to the base of my dick. I felt him gag for a second, but he seemed to get used to it... Or accept it. Either way I was almost at my end. His breathing was heavy and noisy, whimpering and gasping for air. I pounded myself deep into the back of his throat over and over again, but it wasn't enough. I needed his true insides. I needed to feel the ridges inside of him rub against the most sensitive part of me. I stuck my dick in, gagging him one more hard time before releasing him and letting him drop to the floor. He looked up at me in fear, seeing now how bad I really wanted it. I could see the outline of his body shaking. It made me harder. I bent on one knee, leveling myself to shift him underneath me. I looked deep into his magma magenta orbs of eyes and grinned. I gently pushed two of my fingers into his mouth, letting him slober and suck on them before slidding them out slowly. I didn't let our gaze break the whole time I drug my other fingers down his frail torso and waist before I started playing with his opening. When he realized what was going on he slammed his eyes shut and moaned, wriggling his body underneath me trying to escape. I felt my dick twitch to the sight of him needing me. I started fingering his wet insides, one finger and then the other. He let a hand rise up and tangled his claws in my hair, pulling hard. It sent chils down my spine. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed him! Now! I kissed the side of his neck and leaned his lower half forward, sliding my dick around his slick opening. I could feel myself about to lose control when the head of my rod pushed just barely inside his tight hole. I was going to do it! I was going to beat it inside of him and cum all over his insides. He called out my name and--

"DIB! Get the hell up! You're about to be late for work!" my sisters screams woke me up. I blinked my eyes a few times staring at my ceiling, falling hard back into reality...what the fuck was that all about!? Not again! The dream was so vivid and I have no idea where the fuck it came from. When I went to get out of bed that's when I felt the real discomfort. I had the worst case of morning wood I've ever had. My mind could try to repress what I had dreamed about, but my body wasn't going to be able to ignore it so easily. I couldn't believe I just had that DISGUSTING dream about Zim again. Of all people.

I stretched my body out across my bed, trying to wake up and calm my lower half down. I reached one of my hands up into the air above my face and studied it in the odd glow of the early sunlight coming in through my window. I was trying to focus on not touching myself. I closed my eyes and let my hand fall onto my face, blocking out most the light. It's been almost... What? Seven years? I don't see him much at all anymore. I left all my cameras in his house, but most of them I keep offline. He doesn't do much anymore. A few years ago he became a rogue invader. I remembered the day everything changed.

It was almost three o'clock in the morning when he bashed in my bedroom window. He was out of breath and wild eyed, even more than unusual. He had a gun pointed at my face as he hung inside my room from the broken window seal. He glared at me without a word and jumped to my computer screen, throwing the gun to the floor with a loud cracking noise against the floor, like he didn't need it anymore. I could tell he wasn't thinking straight. He started to type on my desktop franticly and slammed his fists into the desk when he apparently didn't find what he was looking for. After that he just stood there shaking fist still balled on the desk.

It wasn't until then that the stun wore off and I finally jumped out of bed. When he didn't react to my movement I slowly crept up behind him. I reached out for his shoulder to turn him around. I remember seeing my hand tremble. Even though I fought with him constantly and declared myself superior to him, there was still apart of me that knew he was an alien that was capable of ripping me open. When I was alone with pictures I had taken of him I noticed how sharp his teeth, talons and spider legs really were. He was like an animal. It made me wonder why when we fought; he never really cut me open. With how naturally he was able to kill me like the predator he was, it made me feel like he didn't even want to hurt me.

When my fingers finally reached his sharp sleeved shoulder, he quickly turned around with tears on his face, but anger in his eyes. I know I jumped back; I must have because he moved closer. "They LEFT me!" he screamed at me.
"...w-what?" I shuddered out stupidly.
"The Tallest! They left me! They left me on this wretched ball of filth and maggots!" he screamed with his arms in the air before crashing into my desk chair both hands covering up his face, his elbows on his knees. I didn't know what to do. Comfort my enemy? I just didn't know so I just stood there. I ended up asking a dumb ass question again. "Why did you come here?"

Zim sighed. "They weren't answering my calls so I thought maybe I could call them from your base. I knew you had the proper disquising signal card, but unfortunately your sadelite doesnt send out a signal far enough to reach the Armada..." he fell silent again. It was weird to hear him explain something to me without a fight and so calmly. "I'm sorry..." was all I was able to say. I felt kind of awkward after a while because I was only in my boxers. It had been almost 15 minutes since Zim had moved or said anything.

"Do you want to spend the night?" I blurted out. I didn't have friends so I didn't know how to deal with or be supportive in this kind of situation, but I wasn't going to kick him out either. He glared up at me through his fingers. I felt the knot of fear in my stomach I usually got when he did that, but I was pretty good at hiding it by then.

"I don't want your pity. Zim is still an invader. I do NOT need your help. I just...I'm just not sure what to do as of yet." he stood up, but looked tired. He walked on top of my bed and held himself in the window frame with his spider legs. He was about to leave. "Hey…uh...Zim?" I walked quickly towards him grabbing his shirt tail. Without looking at me he replied. "What?"

I couldn't help it. I wanted to know so much more about him. He didn't have a mission anymore, right? Maybe we could be friends. He said he was still an invader, but I couldn't see how. My confusion layed waste with my excitement and gave birth to most idiotic thing I think I could have said.

"Next time you want to come over you can use my door, okay?" I think I even smiled at him. He looked at me for only a moment before brushing me off.
"If I wish I'll come in through the roof, human." then he just climbed out of my room into the night. I sighed and wiped my hand up my face, pulling my hair back and slicking my scythe hair cut down to my head. I picked up my blankets and pulled them up and down, making the broken glass from my window scatter all over the floor. I didn't even care. I just HAD to go back to sleep immediantly after that. I remembered the last thing I thought before I passed out was that even though he blew off what I said... He made it sound like he was still going to come over again.

Ever since that night, Zim stopped going to school. When that happened it was like a chain reaction. I was so completely bored in class with him gone I went ahead and just tested out of school. I'd always been more intelligent then the other kids, most likely because I was Membrane's son. It had to be since I NEVER once listened in class. A few more years after that and here we are. I started working at my dad's lab as an intern.  He said I had to believe only in real science to be a scientist. Giving up my beliefs I knew to be true and admitting I used to be a crazy person was not on my list of things to do. So I was fine with staying an intern. Basically that's all I was doing now.

I finally decided to get up and threw my body upwards, giving out a hard exhale. I played with the rim of my boxers, re-stretching them out around my waist absentmindedly as I walked around my room. They always rode up on me when I slept. I pulled on a pair of most likely dirty pj pants and sat at my computer. I clicked on the icon that took me to Zim's house feed. I checked every morning to see if he was up to something, but he would usually be on the couch with the dog thing or down in his lab chair, fixing something. I didn't see him in his usual places so I went ahead and turned camera #3 and 4 online. I finally found him in the kitchen messing with his oven. It was weird to see.
I began to take mental notes of his image like I always did. Since the time he stopped going to school his image had changed. He looked older and his eyes were keener. He advanced his PAK to be wired down into a belt he kept around his waist. He had worn holes in his uniform pants, but had gotten accustom to pull over hoodies instead of his uniform top. Sometimes when he went out he didn't even bother to wear a wig or lenses. He would just pull the hood over and keep his head low with a pair of aviators. I'm sure he found them to be quite convenient. He still wore his invader gloves; he would just roll up his sleeves to be inside of them.  I'm bet he used them still to work in. I could imagine it being difficult to fix the base's security system upgrades with mittens on.
Today he was bent over the oven, stirring something in a pot. He was leaning to his side with a hand in his hoodie pocket, like any other bored teenager would do. For a second I wondered what he was cooking, but then I glanced at the clock. "God damn it." I was late as fuck. I ran into the bathroom, shoving Gaz out of the way and took a whore bath, basically just washing my face and underneath my arms with a wet cloth.
"You're disgusting." She grimaced at me from behind the mirror, laying another thick line of eyeliner around her eyes since I had messed her up when I pushed her.
"And apparently, you're a raccoon today." I mumbled, rushing back out the door with my toothbrush still in my mouth.
"Fuck you." she stabbed back at me. I rolled my eyes from down the hall. It's every morning with her.
"Maybe if we weren't related, I'd tap that." I called back sarcastically, digging through my closet for a clean lab coat.
"You're such a filthy fucking pig." I could hear her grimaced countenance in her voice. It was a sick joke, but the faster I piss her off too much to talk to me; the faster she shuts up.
"And you're a bitch. Where the FUCK is my lab id?" I hollered, moving shit all around my desk in search. I gave up there and wandered back into the bathroom for a second to toss my toothbrush back.
"It's wherever you left it, douchedick. No one else wants it." She laughed at me and I heard it echo down the hallway as I back to my room. I rubbed my temples as I felt myself mouth the word "I swear to fucking god…". After the silence of her finishing her makeup and me trying to find my other boot, she called to me again.
"I think I saw it on the kitchen counter next to the toaster." She didn't even sound happy to help. Slipping on my other shoe I rushed down the stairs, make believing there was an additional one and nearly face planting. When I saw it next to the toaster I could have hugged that bitch. That would have made like the fifth one I had lost. Dad would have deducted my pay again. I tossed it over my head and headed back to the stairs.
"Thank you, Gaz!" I leaned over the railing as I pressed my hand against my face to make sure I was loud enough for her to hear me.
"You can thank me by picking up a pizza on your way home. Extra cheesy. Pepperoni." I blinked for a second at the bottom of the stairs looking up as if she was there at the top. I waited to see if she was kidding, but she never does. I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Fine."
When I finally got into my car, I slammed the door. Dad offered to get me a new care, but I bought my very own piece of shit, old ass Camaro that I loved.  I turned the engine and checked the clock.
"Fuck yeah, right on time." I smiled into the review mirror as I checked it. "Shit." I glared at myself for a good minute before turning the car back off. I gripped the stirring wheel and hit my forehead against the rim. I had forgotten my glasses. Again.

When I FINALLY got to work I tried to sneak past my Dad's office to clock in. My luck he came out as soon as I passed the door.
"Are you just now getting here, son?" he looked up at me just a little. I loved that I had at least three inches on him, but he made sure to look down on me in every other way. I sighed and shoved my hands in my pants pockets. "Yeah, forgot my glasses again and had to turn around." I half lied.
"Well, at least you've got your id on today. Go on now." He shoo-ed me away . I tried to shrug off the unwelcoming greeting of my own father and clocked in. Even though I was an intern I still had to bring my lab coat and gloves. Since I was Membrane's son I was expected to co-star in his shows and I had to look the part. I didn't think much of being on TV anymore. It all got watered down after I was humiliated on Mysterious Mysteries when I was younger. Plus I felt the most apathetic when on broadcast Dad would call me his assistant just like anyone else. I doubt half the population that watches the show still doesn't know I'm his kid.
When I got to my cubicle I sat so hard into my chair it almost swung all the way around. When I faced my work computer I slumped down. It was going to be just another day at this awful desk. I pulled my left glove off and checked my watch. I knew it was nowhere near lunch, but I liked to pretend. Almost like the more I looked at my watch the more I motivated it to move. Either way I snapped my glove back on and began to edit my dad's notes for his new project.
My phone's speaker went off and I expected it to be my father, but instead I hear the young lady lobbyist on the phone. "Mr. Membrane?"  She asked in a grossly polite voice.
"Uh…Yeah?" I held down the button to reply, but I nearly didn't know how to respond to my name said like that.
"You have a call on line 3." A CALL??? I can't even describe the face I made. One eye brow rose in interest as the other furrowed. I looked around the cubicle corners, checking to see if anyone was watching me like it was a prank or something. There was no one.
"Uh…send it through, I guess." I picked up the line and wedged it between my shoulder and ear, continuing to work. There was no immediate sound. "Uh…hello?" I called into the phone.  I heard someone clear their throat.
"I didn't know you're last name was Membrane. I wouldn't have had to talk to that idiot as long as I did if I had known that."   The voice made my fingers stop on the last keys I had pressed. I hadn't heard his voice in so long. It sounded harsher, maybe even a little deeper. I held the phone closer to my mouth and my ear with both hands in disbelief. I almost wasn't able to answer…
"Z-Zim? Is that you..?"
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