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Asleep Babies by NotYourTherapist
Asleep Babies
just some sweet asleep babies <3 <3 excited to share it with you guys, tried to wait to give my patreons a little bit of an early gift since i've been on this break. I'm trying to step it up and i've been precticing on my skills so i hope that when i come back i'll make it up to all of you <3 <3 I love you guys 
Ivo by NotYourTherapist
An art trade i did with :icontraumlaterne: <3 ~! I had so much fun and i love this goofy cool donut lover <3 
can't wait till we can do it again ~! 
Day out by NotYourTherapist
Day out
*hack* *hack* " Urgh! Do you have to do that everywhere?! It's disgusting! And it makes you taste like ash and grime!" Zim growled, scorning the third cigarette Dib had lit in the last hour. He rolled his eyes and took another inhale, making sure to blow the smoke away from Zim this time. "Better?" He grumbled, hoping that would do. He flinched irritated as Zim yelled back. "NO! Get rid of that thing!" The alien demanded, making a small scene on the side walk. Dib was the one that was supposed to be in charge, but he was much too tired of Zim's grumpy mood to protest. He growled, dropping the cigarette and rubbing it into the pavement with the ball of his dress shoes. "BETTER?" He asked again, a little more bitter than usual since it was his last one. "Yes, thank you." Zim nodded, approvingly before raising his lip at Dib leaning closer to him. "You still stink though-" He was interrupted by the human groaning and throwing his arms up in defeat and disbelief. "You are fucking impossible, just come on. We have reservations." He huffed, tugging the irken by his flannel sleeve. Zim sighed deeply, spitting back. "Ya sure they'll let us in with you smelling so gross?" He sarcastically teased, rewarding him with a harder tug of his sleeve until he was walking with Dib again. "Shut up." 

Blue eyes watched them enviously. "Damn him...Would it kill him to be a little gentler...looked like he nearly pulled his shoulder out of socket.." Mitch cursed Dib as he watched from a safe distance, swearing one day that would be him...and he'd treat Zim right.

I thought you guys would like this little side thing. I already miss my boys a bit, but the break is doing me well, im already feeling a lot of improvement. Anyway, please enjoy.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
This chapter of Earth Friendly is dedicated to a lovely girl named Stephanie.

Chapter 19
I was about to climb out of his lap when I felt his hands tighten on my thighs. I looked up at him and swallowed a little. His eyes weren't intense, but they serious. He seemed a little out of breath still form the kiss and the pause was making me nervous.
“I need you to know…what my intentions are.” Zim said before clearing his throat in a small subtle cough. My face immediately got hot and bothered. I felt a chill crisp at my skin as he moved his hands from my thighs to my hips and pulled me closer. I felt ridiculous; like a girl all straddled in his lap, but the way he was looking at me…I stayed still and let him do as he pleased. His voice was still so unfamiliar to me now that it was so deep and mature that when he started talking again I almost forgot it was him speaking. My eyes watched his lips move while he spoke, the combination with his voice and his plump bottom lip making my mouth water. I couldn’t believe that just a moment ago I was biting and sucking on his bottom lip.  
“Dib?” He waved his fingers in front of my face, making me snap out of my trace and blush. I blinked trying to focus and remember what he was saying, but I drew a blank.
“I’m sorry- eh…what were you saying?” I chuckled a little nervously. He smiled and shook his head.
“I was saying; you should know Zim’s intentions are not…pure.” He admitted, his eyes glancing away a little shameful. “Zim can tell earlier, when we started…exploring one another that you felt conflicted and…I feel as though I am pushing you. You humans are weak with your hormones and manipulating you is no longer a priority to me…it is in fact a thing I would like to avoid all together.” I felt my heart pumping faster and faster, but not in a way that made me want to pounce Zim. My hands were resting by my sides, shaking as I realized…Zim actually cared about me. That’s what that sultry look in his eyes was…no one had ever looked at me like that before.  
I unconsciously leaned forward, putting my hands on his shoulders, feeling the deep electric connection again. Zim’s eyes stayed on mine, though they were becoming half lidded as we got closer. Mine must have done the same since before I knew it was closing my eyes as well, the skin of our lips barely spaced apart. I could feel he warmth and I paused to enjoy it radiating on me. I could feel the air get cooler and warmer from his breathing against my lips. I gasped softly when I suddenly felt his cold fingers slide under the skirt of my t-shirt, brushing up my hot skin. I leaned my forehead against his as he gripped me by my waist. “I-I am weak=” I admitted, agreeing with him finally. “But I don’t care…I want you=..” I closed my eyes tightly, not believing I had just said that, but glad I did. As soon as the words left my mouth, Zim took my neck with one of his hands and crushed his lips against mine, leaning me all the way back into the dashboard. With a little bit of uncomfortable shifting, I now had a leg casually bent on each side of Zim, my shoes planted on the side console and the other resting on the car door’s arm rest.
His tongue was so hot and talented it was making my eyes water. He was biting my bottom lip so hard I made a noise that made me more embarrassed than the fact I was spreading my legs for him. I was so enveloped in the kiss that I didn’t realize my ass was directly in Zim’s lap. I started to pant in the kiss, feeling his dick hardening through his pants. I broke the kiss, a string connecting us at first, gasping. He was the bigger one now so…did that mean I was bottom?! I started to panic a little, but Zim took me by my chin and kissed me again, this time much deeper. When he escaped a moan into my mouth, I melted moaning back and actually welcoming how he was starting to rub against me.
“Z-zim doesn’t think…can’t wait that long=” He huffed into our kiss, licking his tongue along my bottom lip before suddenly moving to my ear and biting my ear lobe. My knees were shaking as Zim started to rip the fabric of my reality away. I didn’t care we were in the car, I didn’t care I could be bottom. I just- I just needed that man to keep touching me.
“Me either=” I panted back as Zim suddenly clasped his lips on the side of my neck. . I let out the loudest gasp I had ever heard from myself as he bit down, licking and sucking the sore area. His hunger was making my already excited dick throb hard against my jeans. I didn’t know what to expect though…I didn’t know what was going to happen from this point. I tried to think about what I would do if Zim was small and reached down, cupping Zim’s mass through his pants. My face lit up as I immediately regretted it, his size baring much more girth than mine. Zim flinched as I touched him, letting out an arousing sound.
“It’s very sensitive there=” He admitted, looking at me as if waiting for me to do more, but I froze up. When I didn’t he unbutton and unzipped his pants, both of us looking down at what he was doing. When he pulled it out, I became too shy to look at it. I already knew it was bigger than mine so it only made me more nervous. I wondered if Zim would laugh at me now. As I pouted, I suddenly felt Zim’s hand on my belt. I turned to see him undoing it with one hand, his other hand gripped and stroking slowly down his erection. Once my eyes landed on it, I couldn’t look away. It was thicker than mine, but only a bit longer. Moving past my damaged ego, my mouth dropped open a bit at the sight of his precum dripping in thick drops out of the slit of his tip, rolling down the head.
The sound of my own zipper snapped me out of my trance just before Zim reached his long fingers inside. My dick was hard enough that as soon as my pants were opened, it wasn’t too hard to get it out. A chill hit me as my hot member embraced the cool air. I jumped as Zim smoothed his hand own my tip and shaft, making my neck arch back.
“F-fuck=” I panted before he released me, snatched my shirt and pulled me forward. I let out a noise as my chin landed over his shoulder. I leaned back slightly, looking down at what he was doing before I moaned in his ear. He had grabbed both of us in one of his large hands and started to pump at them both. He looked at me before licking up my neck to my ear.
“Make more noises for me, human=” He demanded. When this all started at the beginning, I felt like it was natural for Zim to be the bottom, soft and small…but I never took in his attitude. His personality of being so bold and in control…being the one in charge of everything kind of worked for him. Which only made me more nervous that Zim was probably thinking about fucking me. My fears were over ridden by the slimy hot sensation of Zim rolling our wet tips together in his palm even faster when I didn’t immediately make more noise. I did as I was told and moaned freely. I squeezed his shoulders as he rubbed our tips against one another even tighter in his grip. I couldn’t stop panting.
“Z-zim= a-are we gonna=…?” I asked dumbly, wondering if Zim had as much of an idea of what he was doing as he seemed. Zim didn’t answer though, biting his lower lip as he watched our dick tips slip over one another, over and over. It was soft and hard at the same time. I could feel his pulse, his throbs enveloping mine. He started stroking his hand down further and further, making it down our shafts and stroking them against one another in his hand. I could feel both of our precum oozing down and wetting my boxer briefs.
“W-we should stop= right?” I started, beginning to pull away, but Zim bit me hard on my trap. I gasped and moaned, the mixed sensation of pain and pleasure making my eyes water. I didn’t want to stop either, but…I was scared of what Zim wanted. Not that I knew what he wanted. For all I knew, he could still want me inside of him like before. I recoiled at how disappointed that thought made me that…I actually kind of wanted Zim to want to fuck me. That only made me freak out more. “Z-zim=?” I started weakly, his teeth still in the meat above my collar bone. When he finally released me and looked up at me, my stomach flipped. He was smiling…such a smile. It could have made anyone’s knees weak. I almost came in his hand, whimpering as his hand thrusted on us faster before he reached up with his free hand and gripped me underneath my jaw.
“Open your mouth=” He huffed, voice sounding even deeper than before. My body listened before I gave it permission and I opened my mouth obediently. He leaned me to him. His tongue first, slipping it underneath mine that was lazily on top of my bottom lip, kissed me hard and deep. He tasted sooo good. My eyes rolled back as he started to suck on my tongue and squeeze me, at my cock and my throat. This was dangerous, I was far too close.
“Z-zim=!” I warned, but he just bit on my lip and growled into our kiss.
“Say it= say my name again=” His voice was so strong and confident, no hesitation at all.
“Zim=” I begged, obeying by accident as I was trying to plead him to stop. “I’m gonna= I’m gonna cum= you gotta stop=” I panted. He didn’t seem persuaded, but he did slow down and pulled away enough to look me in the eyes. His eyes were glistening, hungry. I whined as large warning globes of precum gushed out of my tip and sloshed in between our cocks, drawing me closer.
“You don’t want me to make you cum?” He asked directly with a doubtful smile. My expression falling and showing my weakness, I shook my head.
“Th-that’s not what I meant= I just=” Suddenly, Zim flipped me back, my shoulders against the dashboard. He pulled my legs up and pressed my knees towards me.
“Ah-ah! What- what are you doing?!=” I asked, being put in a very embarrassing position with my erection still out of my pants. Zim’s eyes never left mine though. He gripped my pants and pulled them up over my head to my knees, dragging my boxers with them and baring my ass and thighs in his lap. “Hey-! I said WHAT are you do-?!” I tried to exclaim, but he held his hot hand that was covered in our precum over my mouth.
“Making you regret you ever wanted me to stop.” Zim said clearly as he licked his lips, looking at me through the gap between my legs.  

“Z-zim doesn’t think…can’t wait that long=” I loved talking into our kiss, hot and slightly sloppy. I was losing my mind. I licked along Dib’s now slightly swollen lower lip before moving along to his ear, biting down on his soft warm ear lobe. I needed him. I needed him to need me. I was willing to do anything to make this human beg for me. I had never had so much power in my life and the only thing I wanted to do with it was make the Dib’s body quiver.
“Me either=” He panted back just as I started to press my open mouth against his still slightly wet neck. I licked his slightly salty skin before biting as hard as I could without breaking skin. He let out a fantastic noise that made me look at the swelling bite-mark and licking my tongue against it to feel the deep indentions, sucking gently where I knew it was most sensitive.  I was ready to eat this human alive and make him beg for my attention. I wasn’t prepared for Dib to reach out to me and cup his cool hand on my hot groin. I let out a noise between a groan and a growl before smiling at him.
“It’s very sensitive there=” I huffed out, trying to admit that I liked it and wanted him to do more, but he seemed more than nervous. When he didn’t move I reached down and made it easier for him, unzipping my borrowed pants and pulled out what was becoming uncomfortably cramped. I looked up at his face when I was out, but he was looking away. I rose an eyebrow at his overwhelmed state, glancing at my mass not seeing a problem. Looked like his, maybe a bit bigger. My hardened organ pulsed in my palm and instinctively I started to pump it slowly. I didn’t care anymore; I needed him. I started undoing his pants as well. I looked up, expecting to see him pouting and glaring at me for undoing his belt, angry like always when I did stuff to him at first, but…he was staring. Staring at mine in my hand, his mouth slightly open. He was…He wanted it, like an animal staring down a piece of meat. Through his pants, I could tell he was just as hard as I was. When I pulled him out I could see my theory was right.
I smirked before I gripped my hand around his, making him moan as he jumped at my touch. He was so warm in my hand. It felt so good to touch his again, I nearly forgot I was touching mine. His breathing was labored and I’d had enough of this waiting nonsense.
“F-fuck=” He panted with need before I let him go, snatching a fist full of his shirt instead, tugging him towards me. I threw him over me, his chin over my shoulder, getting him as close as possible. I could feel him leaning away, but I could tell he was trying to see what I was doing. As I squeezed his hard member against mine in my now much larger hand, he let out a spine chilling moan into my new now sensitive ears. The heat from his moan making my dick throb, I rolled the tips in my hand more. I needed to hear more of his lust.
“Make more noises for me, human=” He demanded of him. The position of power this size had granted me was everything that I could have wanted for being in control of the human. I wanted him on his knees, begging me for…what did I want him to beg for? As I stroked our masses against one another, I remembered how if felt when Dib was doing things to me. I wanted him to stretch inside of me more. The small window of time when he had his fingers deep inside of me and hitting every corner, it felt like electricity. He wasn’t making the noises I wanted so I moved faster, pumping his tip harder into mine. Finally, he let go of his breath and moaned louder. His gasping noises next my ear made my dick throb hard. He was panting for me and my skin was burning to touch him more.
“Z-zim= a-are we gonna=…?” He asked me with a spacey tone, like he was thinking out loud. I was a little embarrassed I didn’t know what to do next. Dib was probably expecting more from me, but I didn’t know just how to behave like the one in charge with something like this… I looked down at the sight of our wet sensitive hot tips rubbing against one another, the clear globs of plasma smearing over both of them on the inside of my palm. I moved my hand, having to squeeze us harder to fit both of us in my grip. As I pulled the soft skin of our shafts up and down over and over, Dib started to wriggle like he was going to lose his mind.
“W-we should stop= right?” He asked, starting to pull away from me. As soon as I felt his warmness beginning to leave me I leaned over and bit hard into the soft meat of his shoulder next to his neck. His guttural moan was so intoxicating that an image flashed in my mind…and I knew what I wanted. I wanted to hold him down and do what he did to my mouth in my kitchen. What did he keep saying? ‘Fuck’?
“Z-zim=?” He panted my name weakly, confirming my desires. I released his shoulder from the grip of my jaw, since he wasn’t pulling away anymore. As I started to look at him, the image of him begging for me didn’t quit. I saw his real expression, but over that I saw him giving me a sex fueled euphoric smile, foaming and begging for more. I didn’t realize, but my hand moved faster to my excited thoughts, making him whimper and shake in my hand. I reached up with my free hand and gripped him by his jaw.
“Open your mouth=” I said, glaring at him with a grin. I was surprised when I got no back talk or whining complaint. He just opened it, exposing his sweet tasty mouth meats. I leaned in, flicking my tongue under his before ravishing the inside of his mouth. I sucked on his tongue and squeezed his cock and his throat simultaneously. He was moaning in each pant now and I could tell he was close.
“Z-zim=!” He moaned out, sounding as if he wanted me to stop, but I just bit his lip to keep him quiet, before growling back.
“Say it= say my name again=” I demanded, wanting to feel those jolts of possessive electricity I got from hearing his voice beg for me. Then once more he obeyed, making my dick fell like it was vibrating.
“Zim=” Defenitely sounded like he was begging, but not how I wanted. “I’m gonna= I’m gonna cum= You gotta stop=” He panted as he begged. I wondered how much he really meant that…I slowly my pace and leaned away to look at him. He whined as his cock twitched even more in my hand.
“You don’t want me to make you cum?” I asked, seriously doubting he wanted to say anything but ‘please don’t stop’. As I expected, the young man’s face fell to show his lust, his eyes fogging as the sight of our members gooey all over each other in my hand. He started to shake his head.
“Th-that’s not what I meant= I just=” I was about tired of his stumbling. I had already come this far I was not about to give up. I pushed him back, making his legs sit kind of in the air before tucking his knees closer to him, squishing him. He of course got upset, wriggling and fighting me from being in the embarrassing position.
“Ah-ah! What- what are you doing?!=” He asked, huffing and glaring at me for putting him in such a position, his excitement still promptly out of his pants and in view. I just smiled at him, our eye contact not even breaking as I gripped his pants, and tugged them up to his knees. My mouth watered as his entire lower half was exposed in my lap, but of course, all Dib wanted to do was complain.
“Hey-! I said WHAT are you do-?!” He started to yell, but I quickly held his mouth down with my hand. I didn’t think of it at the time, but the hand that was now covered in our juices from my previous actions. His eyes looked to me, starting to fog over with weakness. I wanted more of it; I wanted more of his eyes begging for me. More importantly, I wanted his lushious lips to beg for me too.
“Making you regret you ever wanted me to stop.” I condemned him as I licked my lips, observing everything he had to offer in my peripheral as I stared him down through the gap in his legs. I leaned though the triangular entrance between his knees and the stretched fabric of his pants to get closer to Dib’s pulsating mass. He was trying to sit up more desperately, but it only seemed because he wanted to watch me. Keeping my hand over his mouth, I held his mass straight to me with my other hand, feeling a chill go through his body. I stared back up to him, making sure he was watching as I opened my mouth and let my saliva ooze from my bottom lip to his tip before rubbing it over with my hand. He moaned against my hand before craning his neck a little. I continued to watch him squirm, my own mass pressing firmly into the underside of the soft undersack part of him as I pumped him harder and faster. His precumming fluid was welling up and oozing down my hand and his shaft once more. He was panting against my hand and when I looked closer, was enjoying my other hand as well, licking his tongue through my fingers to taste the fluids that were left over. He was such a magnificent sight.
I leaned back to enjoy the entire show, pulling his pants off more, to his ankles as I did. He spread his legs wider and whined. I moved my hand off of his mouth as I reclined, ready to hear what he had to say </i>now</i>. He seemed to miss my hand, leaning up further to take it back. Holding it while I continued to thrust my hand down his hardness with my other, Dib gazed at me as he took a few of my longer fingers into his mouth, slurping his tongue over them. I felt my mass throbbing painfully into his warm skin, taking my frustration out on his excitement by squeezing the base, firmly and slowly making my way to his tip. His mouth dropped and his eyes squinted closed in a weak expression, hotly moaning against my fingers.
“Y-you’re gonna try to fuck me= aren’t you=?” He softly moaned, his eyes almost pleading for my answer. I just smiled at him, knowing clearly my eyes said all I needed to before I could even say anything.
“W-will you use these first=? I-I’ve never- I just=..” He was blushing and fumbling so bad, trying to hand me my own, now saliva covered, fingers. I looked at him a little confused, but drew my hand back to me anyhow. He covered his eyes with one of his own hands before peeking from underneath it at me. Seeing I didn’t understand, he shifted himself a little, but wasn’t trying to get away so I kept moving my hand on him. His precum leaking out even more and moved more exaggerated to my attention. Finally, with his legs spread more and his back slightly more arched, he reached down to himself. I watched intently, finally letting him go. Which seemed to only embarrass him further since he now had my undivided attention. He looked away as he held his thighs and pulled them more to him, exposing more of himself.
I blushed as I finally realized what he was referring to. It seemed the man had entrance as well. I slowly touched the warm soft pale skin of his inner thigh before slightly pressing the tip of my longest finger into him. He gasped and his hands quickly went to either side of him to hold some part of the vehicle. I couldn’t tell if this was good or bad, but it made my mass pulsate painfully. Inside of him was hot, hotter than anything I’d ever touched. Unbelievably tight, I flexed my finger, pressing against the walls. It seemed every time he flinched, it would get tighter, too tight.                  
“Try to relax=” I whispered to him before wrapping my hand around his cock again. He immediately sighed and moaned, his closed eyes looking less stressed. He was panting so hard, he was like an animal in heat. Combining the motions, I started to thrust my finger inside of him, stroking him at the same pace. Now he was whining and moaning with each single movement. He was even jolting his hips into it. My mass rested warmly along the line of his ass, bobbing in pulses as I watched the incredible view. The pain was getting unbearable, but I thought about how hard it was to stretch him for just my finger…I didn’t want to hurt him. I got lost in the scene instead, letting saliva drip from my mouth to my hand before slipping another finger inside of him. Dear Irk, he was thrusting back so much. His face was so red and he wouldn’t look at me, but he was biting down on his bottom lip so hard between moans… I started thrusting inside of him faster, flexing my fingers at different times, stretching his insides in every corner.
“Aah=! Z-zim=! Oh God=…! R-right there= FUck= why does it feel so fucking good=?!” He pleaded, seeming to love the invasion inside himself even more than the attention to his leaking member. My own neglected mass, leaking a gooey puddle against his soft warm skin. His body was jolting and I could tell he was more than loving it.
“Beg for me more=” I demanded, his noises being enough for me until I heard him say my name again. I thrusted into him faster, sliding in a third finger and he almost screamed his moan was so loud.
“Zim=! O-Oh God yes= yes=! Right there=! F-fuck=!” Suddenly, his eyes finally flashed up to me, concern showing in his eyes. “W-wait=!” he pleaded. “I-I think= aaA~” He groaned as he arched his neck back again. He reached up and gripped the front of his bangs by the root, like he was trying to clear his head to no avail. “I’m= I’m gonna= I” I didn’t waste any time this time. I oozed more hot spit onto my fingers before thrusting inside of him to my knuckles, pumping his hard twitching dick in the same fast rhythm. It didn’t take long, but the seconds before hand were intoxicating. He twitched, moaned thrusted back down onto my hand and screamed my name.
“Z-zim=! Fuck= fuu~uck=!” then it gushed, the first stream strong and shot up onto my face before the rest oozed out in weak pumps, splattering on his stomach and my hand. I watched as his cum babbled down his creases until in pooled onto my fingers, tracing the outline of the young man’s twitching rim. His entire body was shaking in tremors as he finally looked up at me and apologized.
“Oh my g- Z-zim I’m so sorry=” His face had been flustered the entire time, but since seeing my face covered in his cum he seemed to have gained even more color. I reached up and felt where his cum had splashed against my skin. It was all over the left side of my cheek, a bit on the side of my nose and all down my chin, a bit rolling down my jaw. I licked at the corner of my mouth, tasting a bit of it and loving it. His entrance squeezed on my fingers that were still lodged deeply inside of him. He made a grunted whine before a much higher pitched moan as I pushed them inside farther.
“Z-zim= Th-that was incredible=” He panted, but I only grinned at him, my eyes looming down on his exposed cum covered body.
“It’s not over yet.” I warned him as I slowly slid my fingers out, rewarding me with a delicious hissing from Dib sucking in air through his teeth. I gathered the cum from my face with my thumb and lubed the tip of my hot tip with it, sending shivers down my legs. I slid the tip of my dick over the cum soaked entrance, looking up to Dib. His eyes went wide, but he didn’t protest. I pushed inside, just enough to prod my tip in. Chills and thrills were sent up my spine as the rim of my tip slipped inside and my head was covered in the hot tightness of his insides. Once air finally returned to Dib’s lungs his already open mouth let out shaky moans.
“Ahh~ i-it really went in=?” He panted, sounding surprised, but also…grateful. He sighed in a groan, but when I started to push further inside, his upper half jumped to me, his arm stretched out to push against my chest.
“W-wait= wait=! Z-zim it’s too big, you gotta go slower than that=!” He pleaded seriously, but I could feel his insides trying to suck me in, the hot melting feeling on the end of my dick yearning to slide further inside.
“I want=” I finally started to pant as well, his insides too much to wait for any longer. “I want you= stuffed full of me= now=” I growled, eyes peering down at his. “I= I can’t take it anymore= Its so hot and wet with your cum=” I tried to plead to him, but he still stared uneasy down at me, his eyes on my thick mass trying to stretch inside of him. I grabbed him by his throat, not to choke him or silence him, but to hold him still. He held both of his hands on my wrist, not fighting me, but holding on for, what seemed like, dear life.
“D-don’t talk like that= I-I can’t take it=” He huffed, his eyes rolling back as his tongue lazily sat in his open panting mouth. I pushed in more and he moaned so loud that it made my ears hot.        
“You can=…and you will.=” I groaned as I grabbed the base of my shaft and leaned forward, pushing with more weight. Slowly, we both watched his entrance take me in, inch by inch. Dib was whimpering like crazy as he adjusted, his teeth clenched together.  It felt so fucking amazing, but I moved as slowly as I could. His hotness was squeezing my dick so hard and in contrast to the cool night air in the car…I thought I might explode inside of him immediately. I looked up to see Dib nearly foaming at the mouth through his teeth, but…he was smiling. It was an intense scene to see him in such a receiving state, loving it, but it being too much. My cock throbbed and I could tell he felt it since it sent tremors all down his body.
“Dib=?” I called to him and his rolled back eyes looked up at me, his jaw dropping open to labored breathing. “Relax= I won’t move for a while= breathe=” I tried to calm him down before he broke. He nodded and took in a bunch of easy breaths. I rubbed my hand down his inner thigh and smoothed it over his sensitive skin. He sighed in a more peaceful moan…mean while I was gritting my teeth together. He was so squeezing so hard down on my throbbing excitement.
“M-move=?” He requested suddenly and I didn’t hesitate. My hips rocked further, pushing my dick further inside of him, passed the thickest part in the middle. He gripped the skin of my wrist and squeezed his eyes tightly shut, but continued to smile, panting. “Yes=~ Yes=~” He kept moaning softly to himself. I couldn’t take it anymore- it was almost inside all the way. I gripped his shirt and pulled him down onto the rest of my cock. We both let out a synchronized groan of ecstasy. I released his throat and held both of my hands on his waist line, pulling him down snug and keeping him there.
“FUcK=!” He shouted, gasping for air. “N-no way= It’s it’s all the way in=?! I-it’s so fucking= I- I can’t believe how= oh fuck=” He gasped and panted, trying to talk.
“I’m gonna move=”  I warned before pulling my cock half way out slowly. He arched his back and scrapped his nails against the console, but when I thrusted it back inside…his still hard cock twitched and spurted out more cum.
“God Da- Z-zim I’m losing my fucking mind=!” He screamed and moaned, reaching up and grabbing the collar of my shirt.
“M-me too= I don’t think I can= ah= stop now=” I admitted, but he shook his head.
“”N-no don’t= I don’t want you to stop=I want you=” He panted, looking up at me, opening his eyes finally. His big soft brown eyes were so watered, but full of lust. His words hot in my ears, my hands slid down to his thighs and gripped them on the inner side. I folded him again, but he didn’t seem to mind this time. I leaned forward and kissed him deeply, lashing our tongues against one another before thrusting back out and in again. He moaned against my mouth, but I could tell he loved it. After that, my mind fuzzed over. The vehicle just turned into a hot ravaging scene. I was holding him down, pounding furiously into him. In each throbbing thrust he screamed and moaned against my mouth.
“It-it’s so fucking big= I d-didn’t think it’d feel this good=I-I didn’t know I was= I-into this=~” He swooned spaced out in his euphoria. I looked down to watch my meat penetrate him fully over and over. I had never been so enveloped and under such a spell. Seeing him taking all of his species’ sex organ was absolutely inebriating. And hearing his words only made it more delicious. I was beginning to lose myself in the act, pumping wildly into his supple meat. When I caught his eye contact, he bit his lower lip and licked his lips. He almost seemed like a different person once he gave in and admitted he wanted it.
“Fuck me= AaA~ yaass~ just like that=! Fuck me= Fuu~uck me=” He moaned, looking down and watching me. I started to flush at how much attention now, thinking I liked it better whn his eyes were closed and he was just accepting what Zim was doing. I got lost in his words and panted back.
“Take it= All of Zim’s-= Aa-Aaa~” I felt my stomach tensing up like I was about to explode. It made my hips feel weak and my pace slowed.
“W-what’s wrong=?” Dib asked immediately noticing and sounding worried. I shook my head.
“T-too good= somethings=…” I gritted my teeth, pushing through it and suddenly thrusting faster into him. I felt it again, but this time my body couldn’t stop moving. My thick swollen cock just pumped faster and faster, deeper and deeper into him. I realized I was feeling what Dib must have felt before, the tip of my mass leaking globs of precum, wetting his insides and making it even easier to slosh in and out of him. Suddenly, he smacked me in my face. I must have spaced out because he was talking and I had just now noticed his mouth was moving or making noise. Except, I was wrong; he wasn’t talking, he was yelling at me.
“Don’t you dare=! I-If you’re gonna cum= you better not do it i-inside=!” His voice was weak from the aggressive pounding, but I didn’t stop or even slow.
“You- You don’t want Zim to cum=?” I asked, panting, but not bothering to let the conversation slow my pace of my fucking. “It’s so hot inside= Zim wants= to cum inside of Dib=” I could barely think, holding Dib by his legs and thrusting up inside of him, feeling as my tip was hitting inside of him hard and really deep.
“Z-Zim=” He growled weakly, but his cock seemed at its limit too. I hadn’t noticed when, but he had started to stroke it, precum gushing out and relubbing my cock each time in went in and out, a glistening layer making it so easy to slip inside of him so fast. I shook my head, him saying my name like that not helping his case.
“I-It’s too late=” I huffed, gripping his soft skin in my hands, squeezing him as I shoved my hardness as deep as possible and holding it there.
“No no=! Zi- ZIM=!” He moaned and screamed, not able to fight or move from my cock being wedged so deep inside of him. My body jolted and my sack tensed up against me before I shot globs of cum deep inside of Dib’s twitching scorching hot insides. A low guttural growl escaped my lips as it happened over and over. Electric and hot streams shooting against Dib’s walls. He moaned weakly as his own tip shot against his own exposed lower stomach.
“Z-zii~m…” He whined at me, probably mad, but too busy enjoying the sensations to complain too much. I finally took in a deep easy inhale and exhaled slowly. I leaned back, the young man, his glasses fogged, exposed before me splattered in both of our liquids; his own covering his cock, hand and stomach while mine filled a white seam around his stretched opening around my base.
“Stunning=” I sighed, flinching a little as my tip continued to gush out a little more as I slowly pulled myself out of the human. I opened my eyes wider as Dib’s now slightly gapped entrance oozed my own cum back into my lap.  Suddenly, I was struck once more, Dib leaning up and punching me across my face with tears in his eyes.
“Y-you ass!” He shouted, obviously embarrassed, pulling his shirt down to cover himself, blocking my sight of my love juices flowing from him. I didn’t reply, knowing he was upset, but also disappointed that our first real sexual intercourse experience ended with him assaulting me rather than thanking me or kissing me. He must have been angered by my silence because he clenched his teeth and swung at me again, but I caught his wrist.
“Are you okay…?” I asked slowly and softly, more concerned if the sex was so traumatic that it actually damaged the human. He stared at me before glancing away, ashamed.
“Y-yeah…I’m okay…” He answered, still wanting to be mad at me for disobeying him more than likely, but something emotionally compelling and contradicting him. “My ass already hurts though.” He grumbled, glaring back up at me as he awkwardly reached for his pants. I leaned back and looked away, as not to embarrass him further as he pulled his pants back down. I joined him, sliding myself back into my pants.  I could tell by his body movements he was indeed sore. I had the strangest need to…hold him close to me when he finished. Thankfully, he stayed in my lap and crossed his arms, leaving me just happy that he stayed on my lap.
After a long silence, I opened my mouth. “You are angry with me.”  I observed and he looked up to me before looking away again with a glare.
“Well yeah….and no…” He blushed, brushing his hair back and straightening his glasses. When he didn’t elaborate, I tried again.
“May I…hold you now?” I asked, my expression serious, really determined to have him in my arms. I had just shared a part of myself I hadn’t shared with anyone before… or really even acknowledged myself. I wanted him in my arms and I wanted it now. He just stared at me incredulously before clearing his throat into his fist.
“I uh…I don’t um…” My chest felt tight as Dib refused me…obviously not wanting any further contact. I gritted my teeth together, clenching my jaw, but kept my expression calm. It was then I realized Dib wouldn’t even be in my lap if he could move properly on his own. I opened my mouth to speak my hurt, needing Dib to see how serious this was to me, but Dib looked up behind me, his eyes wide and confused before he started.
“What the-” a crashing bash sounding through the car interrupted him as shattering glass exploded from the now busted side window. Sharp shards cut across my face as someone ripped a tight fistful into my hair.
“Argh=!” I reached for Dib, shoving him to the other side of the car as the attacker opened the car door, giving a hard tug to my hair before letting go, letting me fall to the wet mudded ground. “Go!” I shouted to Dib, rolling underneath the assailant’s feet, tripping him before kicking the door shut. “Drive=!” I hollered back, seeing only a glimpse of Dib’s terrified expression before I heard the machine roar to life. Tackling the man as he tried to get off the ground, I listened for the car back up and drive away, thankful Dib wasn’t stupid enough to try to stay. He could barely move thanks to me. While I was distracted with watching the car turn the corner, making sure Dib left, the man punched me hard in the jaw that was already sore from Dib’s fist. What the hell was everyone’s problem with my damn face!? Exerting some frustration, I balled up my fist and punched him back, the man’s neck snapping back and knocking him out cold. Dear Irk, I loved this new size.
My victory rang short as a bar appeared underneath my chin and pulled me up off the ground, choking me. I could tell this one was bigger than me by its strength and height as I tried to reach back to grab something and throw him over my shoulders with no result. I pulled against the bar desperately. That’s when I finally got a look at the man on the ground and another man coming towards me. White coats. Hoods, dark leather gloves and boots. It wasn’t hard to figure out who they were, especially with the large “M” logo brandished into their shoulder sleeves.

Membrane Corp.

Losing the air I now so desperately needed as the third man walked to my face, I gripped the bar and lifted myself, kicking him hard in the gut. He grunted hard, but didn’t fall down like the other. Instead, he pulled out the same kind of bar that was choking me and bashed it into the topside of my head. My vision blurred and my limbs were suddenly too heavy to pick up. The larger man behind me held me underneath my arms, letting my head fall forward. I felt a thick leather gloved hand on my jaw, making me look up to the man in front of me. I could see under the hood he had some kind of gasmask on, his breathing loud and echoing as I felt my consciousness slipping. He flashed a light in my face, holding my eye open with his gloved fingers.
“Small concussion. Write it down as collateral damage and get him in the van. Then come help me carry Zarx’s stupid ass---“ My mind began to mix and spin as his voice and my vision blended into blackness. As I felt my boots drag against the mud, I just hoped I was the only one Membrane wanted to settle scores with...
... by NotYourTherapist
Just a rough sketch and color of a very pretty sweet best friend of mine ^///^ ~ I've been wanting to sketch her up for a while bc of how cute she is <3 
hope she's not too embarrassed ^///6' 
i can barely do her cuteness any justice > w < 

overwhelmed, underpaid, canceling

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2015, 10:19 AM

As of right now until further notice, all of my comics are canceled. This includes, Self Discovery, Undeniable, and In the Forest. They have been very time consuming and with not making any money from my digital art lately, i'm being forced to give it up for awhile. I'm sure i'll still be drawing, but as of right now, these three comics and literally everything thing else i've wanted to do has consumed too much of my time and not put enough in my wallet. = ^ = It's come to a point where i don't feel worth paying for anyway so I don't blame anyone. Anyway, like i said, this only includes to my comics. I will still be drawing. Just not putting as many of hours of work into it. I'll also be putting every sketch i draw i can share on my patreon. Ya know, since it's like the only thing i have to offer. I think i may just start a system where i take 20 dollars a page for each comic, but for right now i'm just not making any at all. I hope i don't piss anyone off...I'm just really overwhelmed. I don't even have enough to do anything special this weekend, which lucky me is my anniversary and vday~ <3 =  - = I have Cj for now though, which is reassuring since he's leaving March </3.  ANYWAY, getting off topic, my point is that this account and i am still active, but the comics are canceled.   I just hope everyone understands and doesn't leave out of disappointment or irritation...but i gotta find some work and pay bills ; ^ ; 

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