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I dont like this is a thing now guys. maybe it will grow on me. -_- let's hope so for my sanity that it does. 

Okay doke guys

Tue Oct 7, 2014, 12:16 AM
Just stopping to update you guys a little. I am in the middle of a move. My hubby and I are being transferred to Camp Lejeune this month and I'll probably not have time to digitally draw or update. That being said I am  drawing a lot of sketches for the up coming pages and tumblr requests so that they'll be ready to be touched up and redrawn when I get settled in. Since it's easier for me to do, I might just write the next chapter for Earth Friendly since I can do that on my iPad while I'm on the move. So please, be patient with me. Hoping for an easy move. Let's also hope I can finally get a job there, because let me tell ya- UGH. BROKE. Hahah. And as always, thanks again for everything guys. ^\\\^ you're half of what gets me through the week. Lots of love~ ta ta~

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Thank you all! So much! by NotYourTherapist
Thank you all! So much!
I wanted to stop and get a chance to tell you guys i love you and can't express how much your support means to me. You're all so sweet and motivate me to get things done in the best way. from you guys pushing me i've increased my skill greatly and hope to keep your affections for the upcoming years. Please, enjoy this you guys~ feel my nuggles and love~ all 1000+ of you Erika Sparkleeye Icon Chiyo Fangirling Icon 
now please excuse me while i pass out from staying up all night to color this I'm Dead ...program nyt.exe has shutdown
Chapter Twelve

The ride to the lab was intense. I kept feeling like something was wrong. Zim seemed to be acting stranger than usual. He was touching his face and breathing uneasy. I knew I shouldn’t have let him have his way…This was more dangerous than he realized. What if his hood slipped off? What if his glasses broke? Some of the most curious scientific minds work there and I doubt they’d believe he was wearing contacts. I couldn’t help, but clinch the steering wheel while I tried to calmly instruct Zim to stay close. I was relieved to hear that he wasn’t about to argue or ask too many questions.
When we got to the gate, an officer leaned in my window and checked my id. He didn’t seem to care who was next to me. No one argued about what I did at the lab thankfully. I was the head scientist’s son. Have to admit; it has its benefits sometimes. Zim had been quiet for once and for that I was eternally grateful. It wasn’t until I put the car in park that he reached up and put his hand on top of mine that was still on the gear shifter. He was shaking.
“Dib-thing…You wouldn’t let anything happen to Zim, of course?” I could tell he was trying to make his voice sound natural, condescending even, but I heard the small quiver. He wasn’t even looking at me. He was still looking up at the building, as if it was calling him names. I was a flustered by what Zim said, but I could feel that he meant it genuinely. He was honestly hoping I would protect him in there…I mean of course I would, but…the fact that he was basically asking for my protection…I don’t know. It made my chest tighten and my jaw clench up. I looked away outside of my window and pushed myself to wrap my fingers around the small hand that had touched me.
“Of course not.” I answered, the hair on the back of my neck a little bristled by the small moment I felt we were having. For just a millisecond while we held each other’s hand, I felt that just maybe Zim felt the same way about me…as I did for him. I closed my eyes at the thought. I couldn’t risk it. I couldn’t risk saying anything. Especially not now while I needed him calm.
“Just act natural and try not to talk too much.” I added before unlocking the doors and getting out, my hand sliding out of Zim’s. He followed quickly and was at my side before I even got my door shut. He took my hand again, but I tried not to think much of it. He didn’t know where he was going or what to do so it felt kind of normal. I walked us to the front door and signed us in, using the letter Z. for Zim in the guest box. I was starting to feel a little better about this since I would be in my own lab for most of my work. There wouldn’t be any people to question us. I even managed a relaxing sigh before the elevator opened up to my father, standing a good two feet taller than me with a very quizzical expression.
“Oh very good, I was just coming down to see if you had signed in yet, Dibodeth. Er- who is your friend?” He asked, stepping back and letting us onto the elevator. I could feel my blood pressure hitting my eyes as I tried to speak and not sound like an absolute bull faced liar.
“He’s uh- from the highschool I used to go to. From the trainee program. Remember when you had me enrolled?” I asked, trying to get him to be a little more nostalgic than nosy. Not that he was ever one to talk about the past.
“Oh yes yes- I didn’t realize they still did the program. That’s great!” He exclaimed to himself, obviously proud of ‘young minds into science’ spiel he’s rehearsed since I was little. I could feel Zim trying to shrink behind me, holding on tightly to my arm. It only made my heart race faster with Zim clinging to me like a girlfriend or small child in front of my dad. I thought I was in the clear before Dad leaned back to see Zim’s face in the hood. He leaned closer to my side and lifted a hand to hide his words as he whispered to me.
“Why are you holding his hand?”
I stared at the metal door of the elevator in front of me and started to panic. I had no idea what to say. My heart was beating against my ribs and I was drawing blanks. I knew my face was turning red. Before I could think of a good excuse, Dad snooped further and louder. “And why are you wearing shades in here, young man?” He asked almost sternly, reaching his gloved hand to take them off of Zim’s face.
“No! Dad, don’t!” I started, reaching an arm in between them and pressing into Dad’s chest. “He’s-He’s blind!” I lied in panic. He flinched back.
“Oh I see, my apologies…” He started before coughing into his hand. “Good on you, son.” He directed at Zim, but touched his shoulder since he thought he was blind. I felt Zim jump, but stayed still as I watched Dad get into his lecture pose, one bent arm behind his back and his other on the shoulder of the unfortunate recipient. “Don’t let any disability keep you from doing what you truly believe you can. The only thing that makes great things great is the obstacles that had to be overcome to make them happen.”
I expected for Zim to stay frozen solid until Dad released him, but…I watched as his shoulders slumped in ease and his mouth open in a gap…he was listening to what Dad was saying…and I was pretty sure it enlightened something in his mind. I watched as the ding of the elevator brought him back and he nodded. Dad quickly patted Zim’s hooded head before exiting to his floor.
“Looking forward to your report at the end of this week. This kind of dedication of leadership skills is what I like to see from you.” Dad smiled and saluted me before walking away. Just as the metal doors started to close again I heard him mumble. “About time…”
I sighed in relief and turned around to check on Zim to find him smiling and his hand slowly going down, obviously from just waving a little to my dad. As soon as the doors were completely shut I slapped his hand all the way down.
“Ow! What was that for?!” He hissed, holding his smacked hand, the back of it pink form the slap. At first I didn’t really know why I smacked him. It just seemed weird, but then my rational reasons came to me in a huff.
“You’re blind, remember? Blind people don’t wave at people they can’t see.” I glared. Zim just pouted and pressed his lips into the back of his hand. He reminded me of a child in so many ways…but I suppose he is emotionally ignorant. That’s probably why he throws fits like he does. He has never had the mental understanding on how to handle his emotions. That only made me more nervous to come out with how I felt about him. He would probably never understand…
We came up to the lab levels and Zim walked normal behind me like I had told him too. I knew I should have been more concerned about keeping Zim safe and unnoticed, but all I could really think about was what Dad had said to him. Zim had thought something serious of it. If I could have seen his eyes I’m almost positive that there would have been a glimmer in them. I needed to know what was going on in his head. Not to mention this whole thing with him not wanting to go back to his self. I couldn’t imagine why he would want to be all weak like the rest of us…
I opened up room 301, my assigned lab, and checked inside before hustling Zim inside. Once alone I took a deep breath and sighed in relief. “The one person we had to run into…” I grumbled, remarking upon the uncomfortable scene in the elevator.
“What?” Zim pouted defensively. “Your father unit is quite…insightful.” He looked away, sliding his finger down the edge of my desk idly. I furrowed my brow at him, in confusion and just plain not fucking happy with that response.
“The hell is that supposed to mean?” I scoffed at him as I sat at my desk, glad to be away from my cubicle. I started to type and log into my computer as Zim started back at me.
“It’s not supposed to mean anything.” Zim continued to look away, but sat at the corner of my desk on the left side. My head hurt trying to imagine what the hell any of that was. In just a few seconds he likes my Dad, but it took him years to stand me. I decided not to let it bother me for now. Everyone liked Dad more than me. Nothing new.
“Whatever…” I grumbled, satisfied with finishing that conversation for now. “So why did you even want come with me anyway?” I asked, typing up the report that Dad so subtly reminded me of. When I looked up, Zim had slid my sunglasses down his face just enough to where I could see his eyes, staring at me.
“I wanted to be around you.” Even though Zim was calm and didn’t seem to be playing around….I just couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Before I realized it, my jaw had dropped a little. I quickly closed it, before blinking a few times and looking back at my screen…’Damn it. He got me.’ I thought like a fool. I had no idea how to answer that. I knew for sure that I wouldn’t be able to make my voice sound normal after a comment like that.
After some really uncomfortable silence, I finally started to relax. Zim was walking around my lab, looking at my equipment which is probably feeble compared to his. I leaned back in my chair after a moment and rubbed my face. I realized I hadn’t done a very good job shaving. I probably looked like crap…I stopped and wondered what the hell I was doing worrying about how I looked. I glanced over to Zim and realized why immediately. Of course. Every time he glanced over at me I felt my body tense and my mind suddenly wonder how I looked. ‘Why must I be so painfully aware of how I feel about him?’ I must have been seriously into my own thoughts because when Zim touched my shoulder I jumped, last seeing him on the other side of the room.
“Wha-?! Er- what is it? You startled me. I’m trying to work.” I quickly explained, seeing that my reaction had surprised him as well. I turned around in my chair to face him, actually glad to look away from the screen. It always hurt my eyes after a while. Zim’s expression was kind of guilty which made me very unnerved. “Come on. Spit it out. What’s on your mind?” I pushed in a calm voice, feeling an ominous pulling in my gut.
“Zim uh…Zim has a strange need…” His face was flushed and I looked down to see his hands shaking. I quickly stood up, startled. Without realizing it I opened up my arms to him, gently letting my hands hover on the outside of his trembling shoulders supportively. He reached at me, making my heart skip a beat as his palms touched my chest and clenched at my shirt.
“What need? What’s wrong?” I asked, actually touching his shoulders now. I could barely hear myself think my heart was beating so loud. Why did this affect me so much? Just having him close? We had already…I began to think about the hot moment we shared in my pantry and quickly made myself stop. Zim began to whisper to me. He sounded kind of embarrassed.
“There’s something…It hurts…” He mumbled. My mind immediately thought of the worst and panicked he was having another dangerous mutation back to his original form. I started to look over him, patting my hands down his arms and back gently. “Hurts?? Where? What hurts?” I tried to sound at least a little calm. I didn’t want to panic Zim. Suddenly, he took my hand and placed it on his…on his crotch. I felt the blood drain from my face.
“Th-there’s a lot of p-pressure. I feel like...something’s trying to come out=” Zim’s face was flushed and he was almost panting. A sight that was too much for me to handle…especially with my hand on his groin. Then it hit me like a brick. I found myself and snatched my hand away.
“Y-You- Arg!” I caught myself from calling him a name. It wasn’t his fault after all. “You have to go to the bathroom=!” I fussed in a whisper, embarrassed for him.
“Why would a room make me feel better?!” He growled, now holding his own groin with both hands. I couldn’t believe this. How did he not know what the bathroom was?!
“Ya know!” I felt myself starting to blush. “You have to use the bathroom! Take a piss!” I turned around away from him and leaned over my desk. “I can’t do this.” I admitted out loud. “I-I just…” I put my hands up in surrender as I turned back around, overwhelmed. Then I saw his eyes…
“D-Dib, I don’t know what…If you don’t help me understand…who-who will?” He was the poorest image of himself I had ever seen before. He was leaning over a little, almost like someone had kicked him in the groin. His face was so flushed and watery eyed. He seemed almost scared. I tried to imagine what it would be like to not know what to do like him, trying to put myself in his place. I sighed and dropped my hands by my side.
“Okay- okay calm down. I’ll…I’ll help.” He smiled a little bit, making my pulse speed up. ‘This kid is not good for my heart health, good lord.’ was all I could think. “Can you act a little more casual so I can walk you to the rest room? And you still got to be quiet, okay??”
He nodded quickly and stood up straight, still a little anxious looking, but calm enough to take outside the door. I turned around and saved my data before logging off. “Okay, let’s go. Stay close and silent.” I held up a finger in strict seriousness to Zim. He didn’t like that, but he nodded, knowing he wasn’t in a position to argue.
We walked out, heading down the hallway. As soon as I passed the corner to the bathroom, I closed my eyes and groaned to myself. I stopped, trying to think where the next closest bathroom was as I stared at the cleaning sign and tape at the entrance of the restrooms. A few white coats passed us before I spoke back to Zim. “Can you wait? It’s getting cleaned.”
“Zim does not care of its sanitation=! Waiting is not an option=!” Zim hissed in angry whispers. I cussed internally, already afraid that was the case.
“Okay okay, calm down= come on.” I whispered back and turned us around. Thought for a hard second, before remembering there was an unused lab supply room that had a very unvisited restroom. Wanting to avoid the exposure of the elevator again, I took us down the stair case. Zim got half way down the first flight before he stopped.
“D-Dib…” He started, but I already knew. I looked back up at him from lower on the stairs with my arms up.
“Come on, come on. Just hold it, okay?” I rushed, waving my hands inward to hurry him to me. I picked him up and started to quicken into a jog. I could feel Zim clenching his whole body, his arms wrapped around my shoulders, his face buried in my neck. He was holding me so tightly that I only really had to hold his body with one arm under his knees. Using my free hand, I pushed open the doors from the staircase to the supply level.
The lights were off in most areas of the open supply lab, gallons of chemical elements and heavy lab equipment. Zim was looking around, very interested. I was glad he was distracted enough to at least give it a little more time. Finally, I saw the reflection of light off a glossy sign above a large entrance. Rest room.
I quickly walked to the opening entrance and put Zim down. “Go.” I directed, pointing to the entrance. Zim looked at the large opening and then to me. He looked like he was nervous. “Just go.” I repeated, slightly confused on why he looked so intimidated at the door. He took a deep, but quick breath before walking inside. I leaned on the wall with my back and slid down to the floor. “I should get a drink after work…” I started talking to myself, feeling like I deserved it. I had been through a lot in the last few days.
“Dib?” I heard Zim call to me and I sighed, getting up and walking in. I looked around at the bathroom, surprised it was so clean from being unoccupied for so long and stopped at the mirrors. I glanced over myself and messed with my hair as I answered Zim, who I assumed was in one of the stalls.
“I…I don’t understand the fundamentals of how this is supposed to work.” He said in a still shaky voice, showing he hadn’t relieved himself yet.
“Just relax. It’ll come out on its own.” I tried to explain, checking out the terrible job I had done shaving this morning, barely getting the scruff around my jaw and chin. I was glad to see that I didn’t look terrible though.
“It?” He asked, sounding gravely more concerned. I stared wide eyed at myself before slowly turning around. ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’ I thought to myself. When did my luck get so terrible? I groaned under my breath before looking under the stalls to see which one Zim was in. I tapped on the door.
“Let me in.” I requested, not really sure what I even planned to do about this or how to handle it. The lock clicked and I opened the door to a hoodless Zim facing to toilet, leaning over a little and looking into in, antenna up at attention .
“Is it like mine? Mine’s an elevator.” He quickly asked and noted. I shook my head, but more in disbelief than to answer him.
“What- no. You use it to…flush what comes out.” God, this could not get more uncomfortable.  His eyes met mine in a panic quickness.
“Out of where?”  Zim asked with intense worry.
“Oh dear God.” I closed my eyes and pressed my fingers on the bridge of my nose, pushing my glasses up past my eyes. “This was not happening to me. Not happening.” I started to chant, but when I opened my eyes Zim was of course still staring up at me behind, what I hadn’t thought until now, my stupid shades.
“Wha-What do you want from me? Do you want me to do it for you!?” I asked incredulously.
“You can do that?” Zim asked with a little relief, not at all feeling my complete and utter loss.
“There’s no way- NO WAY- you can expect me to…” I wasn’t even able to get through my sentence before I slunk my shoulders down, defeated by those big orbs of magenta peeking over those oversized shades. I looked up with my eyes closed in complete-just-Damn it.
“T-turn around.” ‘Fine. Fine. FINE. I’ll do it! Why is this happening me?!’ I screamed internally as I hid my red face behind my hand. I listened as Zim hesitated and then turned around. I stopped momentarily to think about what was about to happen and how I couldn’t do it. I just shook my head quietly to myself until I saw Zim’s outline shiver again. He was really about to piss himself. I couldn’t just let him wet his pants and try to cover that up. It’d cause way too much attention. And where would I find extra pants? I combed my fingers through my hair and took a deep breath.
Finally, I walked up right behind Zim, making him shuffle a few more steps to the toilet to where he was standing over it. I reached around him and took his hands from holding his groin, moving them up to the wall so he could lean on it while I…well.
“Don’t freak out, okay?” I warned, moving my hand to his waistband, using the other to lift up his hoodie and shirt. I could feel the warmth of his stomach on the back of my hand. I regretted that this would be the first, and maybe the last time I would ever get to touch Zim…here. Trying to be casual, but still hurry; I unbuttoned and unzipped Zim’s pants. I felt my spine get chills as I smoothed my hand down into his underwear, regretting how cold my hands were. I heard Zim gasp a little at it. I leaned over to his ear and whispered.
“Sorry, I know they’re cold=.” I could help, but indulge a little into a fantasy. My lips at his ear and my hand just past his underwear, brushing the slight gruff of hair that alarmed me how close I really was. I could feel Zim’s breathing become uneven and it only made me more excited. I was still embarrassed though, knowing this wasn’t what I wanted it to be
“H-hurry=…” Zim panted, making me remember what I was doing in the first place. Gathering myself, I swallowed hard and lowered my hand to his dick and slid it over the rim of his boxer briefs, lowering them more with my other hand. I looked over his shoulder just enough to tell that the aim was right.
“Okay, relax.” I instructed, looking away and slightly letting my chin rest on the top of his head. My brow soon furrowed when there was no sound. “Zim. Go.” I pushed, not wanting to hold his flaccidness in his hand for any longer than needed. ‘I could just tell him to hold it…’ I thought, but decided it was fine. I’d rather touch him when I could, I suppose.
“I-I can’t…I mean- you’re right here.” He explained in a trembling voice.
“Zim, oh my God, are you serious? You’re getting pee shy?” I could hear Zim’s face get red from the noise he made. I rolled my eyes. “Come on, relax…” I repeated a little more supportive. “Take a breath, pretend I'm not here.” I felt Zim breath against my chest and then; finally. I heard the noise of his relieved sigh and then (to me) disturbing sound. I had already started to repress this memory when Zim finished. I gave him a small shake when he was completely done and slid him back in his underwear. I lifted my leg passed Zim and pressed the soul of my shoe on the handle of the toilet, flushing it.
“Fix your pants back up.” I reminded as I absconded the stall and immediately started washing my hands. “I got to buy you some kind of kindergarten ‘need to know’ tapes. Geez, how did you take care of that kind of thing before you transformed??” I questioned, too red to look at Zim yet.
“First of all; thank you, Dib-thing. That was absolutely horrible and humiliating.”
“Pfff-“ I scoffed. “You’re telling me.”
“But I have never felt anything like that before. I have never had to really excrete anything from my body before. Everything I ingested was converted for things my body needed by my pak. I suppose like it’s other functions, it has failed since the transmutation.” Zim started to explain as he walked next to me at the sink. “Should I…?” He asked, holding his hands up.
“You didn’t touch anything, but yeah.” I shrugged as I rolled up his sleeves and put his hood back on. He was like a pet. I sighed as I dried my hands and watched Zim play in the water, obviously still excited to touch the substance. “Come on.” I ushered as I wiped his hands off and lead him out of the bathroom. “By the way, anyone else touches you there; you punch them square in the eye.” I added on a last note,
Zim seemed like he was about to ask about that, but I stopped him before he could, seeing something at the far side of the lab. “Hey…Zim look at that.” I pointed at a large man sized glass tubes like the one I had broken at his lab. “Would that work for replacing that thing I broke?” I asked, relieved and enthused.  When I looked back at Zim he didn’t seem very as relieved as I was.
“Oh come on, what’s your deal? Why don’t you want to fix the machine? You were all pissed when I broke it. Look at that thing! It even looks like it’s the same size!” I huffed, receiving a groan from Zim.
“Yes, Dib-worm, it will work fine! Jeez. There is no deal that I’m having.” He pouted. I rolled my eyes in loss.
“I’ll sign it out and have the delivery foreman have it shipped to your house.” I said out loud to make a mental note. “I need to get back to work.” I started as I began walking back to the stair corridor. Suddenly, Zim gripped at my white coat.
“Wait….” I looked back at him with no humor.
“What is it now?” I grumbled, grumpy for obvious reasons.
“Zim has something that…well…something I should probably tell you. About last night.” I did NOT like that opening sentence. I stared at Zim wide eyed, breath held. ‘What the hell could this be all about????!’ I frantically thought as Zim started dart his view in other directions, making me more nervous.
“I-if this is about the thing in the pantry- I do NOT want to talk about that right now.” I warned, but Zim shook his head. “Then…what?” I asked cautiously. Zim hesitated, bt looked up and shook his head again.
“Nevermind. We shall discuss it under better circumstances. And maybe once I’ve done more research.” He said very calculating, but my interests were very peeked.
“Don’t you ‘nevermind’ me. What the hell is it? It’s enough to bother you to want to talk about it.” I pushed.
“Well, I wanted to inquire of the meaning of the multi-function of your male devices.” Zim stated, pointing at my junk.
“Wha-!? What the hell are you talking about-?!” I hollered, glad no one was around to hear this debate.
“Well- while you slumbered I discovered some interesting data material on that certain subject. There I mean.” Zim said very calculated, pointing again rewarding him with another hand smack from me.
“Quit pointing at it!”  I couldn’t believe this! Not only had he, I didn’t even know- felt me up?- in my sleep, but now he wanted to discuss it?! Yeah fucking right.
“Why are you so upset?” He asked, getting irritated with me like he had the right to. “You just touched mine-”
“Aaaaaa- shut up!” I hollered over him, not wanting to talk about that either. I started walking away again, but he grabbed my sleeve. I snatched it away angrily. “Fucking stop! We are NOT talking about this-any of it! Ever! Now I have work to do!” I repeated, needing a STRONG distraction and subject change. I hadn’t realized I had used such a harsh tone until I saw Zim flinch away from me. His face fell and he began to pout almost sadly. I, of course, felt guilty for reasons I didn’t understand, but when I reached for Zim to apologize he moved away from me.
“Leave me alone!” He yelled at me and that’s when I heard the pull in his voice. Was he…crying? Why?  
“Zim, come on, I didn’t mean-” I walked closer to him and tried to make him look at me, but he kicked me hard in the shin. “Ah- Fuck-!! Whadja do THAT for?!” I swore as I picked up my sore shin and held it. By the time I looked back up at him, Zim was turning the corner of the lab hallway, running away. I felt panic start to set in and called for him.
“Zim!!! No, you can’t just run away in here! Someone could see you! Zim!” No response, I started running after him, the pain in my leg nothing to the heart attack I was about to have. I got to the corridor Zim had slipped into and watched in horror as Zim stood in the open elevator. “Zim!” I called again, but he just glared at me. I started to run for him, but he pressed the button. “Don’t! Zim!” But it was too late. I made it just in time to hit the doors. “Damn it, Zim!” I hollered, knowing he could hear me still for now. I stepped back and looked up at the elevator floor level. I watched in horror as it went passed the third floor, my lab, and straight up…until it reached level 8. My heart fell and I ran to the stairs.
All I could do was pray that Dad was off doing some rounds…since Zim was right at his office door.


That was traumatizing. I thought I was going to explode. And it was so sudden that it happened. I wondered how human’s handled that on a regular basis. I looked up at Dib, feeling bad that I put such a thing on him. Surely, he must have felt like I was a smeet to take care of. As Dib warned me that if anyone touched me there to punch them, I remembered my transgressions of touching him there in his sleep. Even though he seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly, I felt a pang of guilt. As I opened my mouth to say something about it, I was interrupted.
“Hey…Zim look at that.” The Dib was pointing at a line of large glass tubes that resembled my own. I rolled my eyes, knowing what that meant. I couldn’t help but be completely disinterested. “Would that work for replacing that thing I broke?” I didn’t even bother to look at him.
“Oh come on, what’s your deal? Why don’t you want to fix the machine? You were all pissed when I broke it. Look at that thing! It even looks like it’s the same size!” The human snapped at me. I groaned at the thought of returning to normal. Due to his insufferable hissy inquisitives, I agreed.
“Yes, Dib-worm, it will work fine! Jeez. There is no deal that I’m having.” God, he was such a nosy little ‘have it his way’ some times. Dib remarked about having it delivered to my base unit and I nodded while he spoke, pretending I cared. Suddenly the human started to walk off, making me grab him so I could clear my unfamiliar guilt.
“Wait….” The human looked at me with a strange blank face, as if he did not have time to deal with me and what I had to say. “What is it now?” He growled, confirming my suspicions.
“Zim has something that…well…something I should probably tell you. About last night.” I started nervously, seeing the complete unhappiness in Dib’s expression. It made it harder to push on indeed. He stared at me wide eyed and unmoving, as if I had grown a second head, which I guess wouldn’t be too much of a stretch right now. His large brown amber orbs on my made me feel restless and at a loss of words. I looked around the room, anywhere except Dib’s face to try to recollect my thoughts. Failing horribly to be able to tell the Dib that I… I needed to research this deeper and find out what the things I did could mean to the human. I wouldn’t want to disrespect him after all his help just now…
“Nevermind. We shall discuss it under better circumstances. And maybe once I’ve done more research.” I said, feeling much calmer now that I decided to talk about this at a more convenient time.
“Don’t you ‘nevermind’ me. What the hell is it? It’s enough to bother you to want to talk about it.” The human growled. I gave an inaudible groan under my breath before giving Dib a half truth.
“Well, I wanted to inquire of the meaning of the multi-function of you male devices.” I pointed to his male organ, which I knew a lot more of than I let on.
“Wha-!? What the hell are you talking about-?!” Dib’s hollering was a flag that my bad assumptions were correct and that what I did was wrong and insultive. Apparently, extremely insultive with the way that Dib was reacting. I was being to feel more nervous and more of the truth started to spill out.
“Well- while you slumbered I discovered some interesting data material on that certain subject. There I mean.” Still not knowing the name of the organ, I pointed at Dib’s groin again, but winced as Dib’s large hand smacked mine hard on the top of it. I held it to my chest and rubbed it with my other hand as he fussed.
“Quit pointing at it!” He hollered, his face red. Had I done so wrong that I deserved to be struck a top my hand again? I didn’t feel so…  
“Why are you so upset?” I demanded, feeling more and more upset myself with Dib’s extreme reaction. Besides, Zim’s personal space was invaded just the same wasn’t it? “You just touched mine-” I tried to defend, but the human was hollering over me.
“Aaaaaa- shut up!” His voice was very stern and strict. So everything I say is just out of the question. Seems unfair…I felt my chest begin to get heavy.  When he started to walk away and out of reflex of not wanting him to just leave, I grabbed him again. This time, he snatched it violently away, making my new heart skip a beat. I flinched as he continued to yell at me.
“Fucking stop! We are NOT talking about this-any of it! Ever! Now I have work to do!” I felt for a moment like I never wanted to open my mouth for any reason ever again. I had only wanted…Zim had only wanted to clear up any disrespect or secrets. I cursed myself for being so weak to the human just for helping in the confusing moment of need. I just didn’t understand what the human was so mad about, but if I asked, I would surely be yelled at once more. I stared at the floor until he was done, feeling my old eyes burn from the water building in them.
Once it was quiet for a moment I looked up to see Dib reaching out for me and I quickly flinched away, shamefully afraid of more retribution. How dare he try to touch me at all after yelling me so disrespectfully?!  “Leave me alone!” I yelled, my voice pulling in my throat.
“Zim, come on, I didn’t mean-” The human started as he got closer to me, arms out stretched and apologetic, but I didn’t care and I didn’t want to hear it! As soon as he was close enough, I kicked him as hard as I could in his stupid tall legs. As soon as he looked away from me, I ran, hearing him cuss in the back ground. I didn’t know where I was going, but I didn’t want to be around him any more… not that he seemed to want to be around me either.
I heard him call after me, but I ignored him, looking frantically for somewhere to go or hide. Then I saw the familiar glowing arrow lights of the human made elevator buttons. By the time I had ran inside and turned around, Dib was at the corner. I glared at him fiercely through  the shades, cursing him in my head. As he called for me and begged me to stop, I pressed the tallest button on the ladder of buttons. I watched the Dib run all the way to me as the large metal doors closed and smiled when I heard the thud of his hard shoulder hitting the door. His curses only made me smile more. Asinine...hurtful fool.
The door dinged open and I was presented with only one hallway with paintings of atoms on the wall and the business logo of the building. I walked down slowly in a straight line to the main door and pushed on it, surprised it opened. Maybe this would be a nice place to hide until the Dib finds me. Surely he will. He was probably frantically running up those stairs now checking every floor for me. The Dib was many things, but at least he was reliable. I shook my head as I caught myself thinking fondly of him again. The room I had walked into was sort of a lab, but mostly looked like an office, like Dib’s but much much nicer.
When I got to the desk, I heard the door open up again. I greeted without turning around, thinking that it was Dib.. “Well that was fast.” I didn’t hear a response so I turned around and froze. It was not Dib at all but his father. He was staring hard at me, his goggles slid down and off his face. Then I remembered at the last second that Dib had told his father I was visually impaired. He knew, or thought at least, that I was blind. Shouldn’t he say something…? Shouldn’t I?
“U-um. Hello? Is anyone there?” I asked aloud, knowing full well that the human was standing right in front of the door, staring at me. He was so handsome, like Dib. I could tell where the Dib’s charming mating enticing features came from. The man was even taller though and had a different air about him than the Dib thing. I held the side of the desk and pretended to be the idle school student Dib had depicted me as. “I seem to be lost…” I started, but got no response. I pretended to look in other directions, as if I couldn’t see the man. With no response from the man, I pretended to go on my way as if no one was around. I felt around for the chair even though I could see it. I sat down and sighed, folding my hands like a lost child.
Even though I held my head down, I was looking up through the glasses at the man who had finally started moving. He was walking quietly on the flush carpet of the office part of the open lab, separated only by a glass door. He reached over his desk in front of me and flicked on the radio. I pretended to be started by the sudden noise and looked around frantically. “H-hello?!” I called again, expecting to get a gracious answer even though I knew… “Did I do that..?” I pretended to ask myself. I was curious…why did this man not want a blind child to hear? I felt around the desk, pretending to feel for the source of the noise and turn it off, but gave up after a moment.
As soon as I was still, the man walked over to the side wall and pulled out an almost completely unnoticeable drawer and pulled a small tin out of it. I saw through the corner of my eye that he took a swig out of it. And then another. As he became indulged with the things in the drawer I quietly pulled out his right drawer in his desk. This man seemed to have secrets and that interested Zim, indeed. I glanced through some papers while he wasn’t looking, pretending to look straight on.
It seemed pretty boring. Just files and papers. I was about to give up before I saw a picture of Dib when he was young. It took everything in my will not to make a noise of laughter. The Dib was maybe five or six earth years based on the human growth spectrum. He was eating some kind of birthday cake. It was very , what the human’s would call, ‘adorable’. I smiled, but let it quickly fall as to not be spotted. The man pulled out another drawer and seemed to be looking for something.
I continued while he was busy, shuffling through to find more photos with success. The next one I glanced at was definitely Dib, but I couldn’t tell how old at first. It looked like another of him eating sugary icing of a another celebratory baking good, like the other…but when I looked a second time for a longer moment…that was not what it was. I felt my hand starting to shake. I let my entire eyes fall on it and take it in. He was somewhere between 13 and 16 earth years…a time I knew him. His eyes were covered and…there was a familiar substance on his face with his mouth open. I couldn’t breathe.
I quickly, but quietly tucked the photo into my hoodie and closed the drawer. The man was none the wiser. I slowly stood up and felt my way around the desk and held my hand in front of me as I walked, having to keep this charade up to keep my skin at this point. My pulse raced as the man quietly followed behind me. I had to act like I didn’t know. I moved at the same pace. I felt over the door before pretending to find the handle. Just as I was about to open it, the man pressed his hand on it above my head. I didn’t realize why until I pulled at the door. He…He wanted me to think I was locked in. I swallowed only to realize how dry my throat was.
“D-damn…” I mumbled before releasing the door knob and knocking on it. “Hello?” I called out, forcing myself to sound calm. “Is anyone out there? I’m….I’m locked in!” I called, my hands shaking. Then what I had been expecting, fearing, he grabbed me. He pulled at my arm and turned me around, pressing me into the door. Was this even the same man from earlier this morning? I started to yell in surprise, but he pushed his mouth onto mine. I felt my entire body twitch at how hot his mouth was, a foul alcoholically strong liquid still on his tongue. I felt myself melt. I was overwhelmed and my mind and body had frozen. Until I suddenly felt a large hand go down the front of my pants and cup my groin. Dib’s words flashed through my head and my body reacted to the demand, as if my nonfunctioning brain was working off a memory to make my body move.
In milliseconds, I had lifted an arm and whirled a hard right hook into the much larger man’s orbital. He seemed just as surprised as I was as he yelled out and cursed, holding his face. I stared at him in terror.
‘Run. Run!’ My head screamed and I did, but as soon as I touched the handle again it was pushed open in front of me.
“Zim! Thank fuck. What were you thinking when you…” Dib started, but I jerked passed him and pulled him by his coat to follow.
“L-Lets go!” I hurried, but he looked at me strangely instead.
“What’s your pro….blem?” Dib started to laugh at me and then turned to look in the office…seeing his father with the most cross expression on his face…and a developing black eye.
Before I even saw his face I already knew he had made the connection…and I pulled him behind me as we fled.
EARTH FRIENDLY Ch12 (read description)


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