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Hello~! ~Welcome to my DA Page~

I'm so happy that you've stopped by~
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Undeniable CH1 PG38 by NotYourTherapist
Undeniable CH1 PG38
so i started this, this morning around 6-7 and have been working on it all day to make sure it got done today. and i dont just mean linearting and coloring today. i mean, planning, sketching by hand, redrawing, scanning, editing, linearting, coloring, then dialogue. I have never done all of that in one day before. but i need to get my butt in gear like this more often. My husband is actually be in the feild all week...and since he's not around as a distraction, i barely stop to eat i get so zoned into the work. Anyways, sorry for the wait and i hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for all of the support<3333


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Human GIR by NotYourTherapist
Human GIR
Yay~! *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) 
human gir~~ it makes me so happy you guys love my human gir design as much as you do. 
i was so surprised by the amount of such positive response :PGVincent: 
enjoy some more of this semi-annoyingly cute angel ~ <3 Get Out Of Here 
Secret Project by NotYourTherapist
Secret Project
so i'm not dead.
so there's that.
I have been...tired lately. so im sorry about the lack of things.
I also worked on special stuff for my patreon.
I will be making pages and chapters soon along with quick sketches ~
BUT ANYWAY~ about this cover
this is as i said, a cover for a...(dont yell at me, i understand i am overworking myself) ANOTHER "comic thing" with :iconmklier: .
I'm not saying anything particular about it though.
but since you guys havent had anything in a while for me, i thought I'd let you see something special. 
anyways i hope you enjoy~!


Thanks for everything guys~ you'e what keep me able to keep doing what i love
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Chapter 16
Besides mentally wrestling my erection down from remembering Zim’s throat around it, the drive home was pretty calming. It was the first real alone alone time I had gotten in a few days. The road was empty and slow; small rain drops hit my windshield as I drove home. A glowing stop light gave me a second to stop and take a deep breath. I looked at myself in the review mirror and wiped my eyes and the corners of my mouth. I tried to rub the tiredness from my eyes and sighed, pushing my glasses properly back up on my face. What the hell was I doing with my life? I laughed at myself a little. I happily hummed to myself like an idiot, not able to even be ashamed of myself since I finally got somewhere with Zim…even though I didn’t mean to.
I was about to turn into the drive way, but almost rammed the back of my dad’s car. I groaned and rolled my eyes, backing up and parking next to him. I was hoping he’d be at work still like always, but knew he was staying at the house just because he knew I didn’t want to see him. I peered out into the dark rain and swore I could see a faint glow of light from my bedroom windows, but when I got out of the car it was gone. I shrugged and sighed before locking the car doors and making my way to the house through the rain. I had a bad feeling as I turned the knob, but I brushed it off, assuming it was just the fact that I didn’t want to see or talk to Dad. I didn’t know why he was getting so…almost interested in what I was doing. Or at least what Zim was doing. He had never shown interest in anything I did or who was around me before so I couldn’t imagine what the hell it was he wanted. Maybe he was upset about me borrowing equipment? I started thinking about what happened with him and Zim in his office and my blood started pumping. I just shook my head, Zim and Dad making my mind a fucking mess, more so than usual.
The low glow of the television in the living room washed over me as I entered the house, Gaz asleep on the couch from watching television, her game gently sitting on her chest where she had been playing it. I pulled the couch blanket out of the side closet and threw it over her. I smirked down at the sight, her face always surprisingly peaceful when she slept. She was a bitch for no reason like ALL the time, but she was my sister. Even though she hates me sometimes I had that big brother instinct more and more as I got older. I looked in the kitchen for Dad since he wasn’t in the living room. I found it empty and looked in the fridge for a coke. I popped the tab and chugged some down, letting it burn my throat and wake me up. I peeked into the downstairs to Dad’s lab, but the lights were off there too.
I thought that maybe he did just come home to go to bed. He’d of course come home before to just rest, but I just felt like he was gonna sit me down and talk to me about shit. It was weird, but…I kind of felt disappointed. Even if it was for some weird ass reasons and that there would be tension…it seemed like Dad was actually interested in me. The thought hurt a little before I shook my head at my own idiocy. It was a good thing that Dad didn’t want to ask me questions about Zim, of course. The less he was interested the better. I sipped at my drink as I glance over the empty kitchen once more. I grabbed an apple off the table and walked upstairs.
The pictures of my sad childhood lead me up, callously hung up on the wall of the stairs.  I bit a hard chunk out of the apple with a crisp crunch as I opened my bedroom door with a shove of my elbow. I walked into my dark room, clumsily shuffling off my coat and boots before feeling along my wall for the light switch. I leaned against the wall as I searched, apple clasped in my teeth as I kept kicking my foot to toss off my stubborn left boot. Already unbalanced, the sudden feeling of the cold rubber of a glove on my searching fingertips made me jump and fall over myself hard onto the floor, landing on my side.
In a flash the lights were on, exposing Dad leaning against the wall, his hand on the light switch. “Welcome home…” His voice made a chill go up my spine. Not bothering to move to pick up the half spilt coke and tossed fruit, I reluctantly got to my feet and rubbed my sore hip.
“Wh-what the hell?! Can’t you just wait at the front door like a normal parent?!” I hollered at him, instinctively stepping back. Something felt off about all of this, but it wasn’t until the very second that I realized I was looking at his eyes…like his actual eyes. His goggles were slid up, keeping all his dark long hair out of his face. His expression was stern, but his eyes and his smile were soft. My stomach started turning and I didn’t understand why…it was like body was defensive, before I was.
“You shouldn’t talk to your father like that…” He warned as he unbuttoned his top few collar buttons of his cuffed lab coat, exposing his face and neck. It was weird to see his entire face, the black eye Zim gave him earlier already basically gone. I almost never saw him like this. He was never…exposed, no matter what. Not that we ever saw each other for me to have the chance to. Made me a little irritated how much I looked exactly like him, just younger. He took a step and quickly closed the gap that was between us. I didn’t flinch, but I did feel unsettled, my insides getting tighter.
“Sorry…sir.” I replied carefully, but coldly, not sure where to conversationally stand. I couldn’t tell if we were going to talk about what happened at work, Zim, our talk back at Zim’s house or if it was just because I was so late getting home. When he smiled at my response, I nervously smiled back. He stepped even closer until I had to look straight up to make eye contact. I was at least 5’11, but Dad was a good head taller, not to mention his boots were thick. It seemed my entire childhood was me looking straight up to him, in his shadow.
“So…you must be interested in your little…‘science partner’ to be out so late...” Dad suddenly noted, tilting his head at me as he spoke. Ugh, like he knew everything like always.
“No, Dad.” I stated clearly, my face surely blank. “Like I said, he’s just an old friend from school-” The sudden snatch of my collar interrupted me, Dad pulling me up to his face.
“And like I said…You don’t have any friends…” I glared back at him. His face was calculated, like all of him all the time, but it didn’t intimidate me anymore. I was used to not seeing anything in my Dad’s eyes when he looked at me. I didn’t answer him. I just stared at him, trying to gather if he was trying to find me out…or just trying to hurt me. I looked away from him finally and he released my shirt collar and put me down. He walked around me, like a vulture flying circles over road kill.
“Ya know…” He started, in an annoyingly omniscient tone, rewarding him a silent eye roll from yours truly. He stood behind me and leaned forward until his chin was nearly resting on my shoulder.
“I saw the cameras in the house, Dib.” I froze. My breath, my eyes, my insides, all frozen. A hundred questions rushed through me. Surely, Dad noticed since I could hear the smile on his face. He continued to walk around me, but more or less looking idly at the rest of my messy room. “Come now Dib, like I wouldn’t notice such novice tech. Don’t get me wrong, I understand… I did the same thing when I found something sexually interesting when I was young.”
“N-no, it’s not like that- I…” My eyes flicked back over my floors and my walls, anything, but Dad’s eyes on me. Trying to think, but nothing… I didn’t dare say anything. I looked at my computer and knew…I knew the feed was still live….Easily accessible to someone like Dad… Why was Dad in my room again? I realized I never asked and now I didn’t want to… Had he seen anything…and if so, how much?
“Who knew…? All your stories of little green men…” Dad added, making my heart stop and look up at him in horror, answering my most important unspoken questions. As soon as our eyes met, he pushed me over on my bed, holding me down. “Were true…” He sighed with a smile, shaking his head. “Leave it up to my son to waste an amazing scientific opportunity so foolishly.” He gave a low laugh as he climbed over me, his knees on my wrists. I felt more panic rush through me than I expected and tried to get free, going as far as to buck against him to get him off.
“What are you doing?! Get offa me! Dad!” I growled, trying to sit up, but his weight was too much to shift off of me and it made shooting pain go through my wrists every time I moved. When I finally stopped and looked up at him defeated, his smile was almost sexually pleased. My gut dropped. That’s when I saw the syringe. It was small and filled with a glossy pink liquid. He was pressing his thumb on the bottom of it just enough to get it to drip out the top of the needle. Horrible familiar fears crawl inside of me from my gut to my throat. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out.
“W-what the fuck is going on…?” My cracked voice finally asked, pinned down by my own father, who was now holding said syringe just below my jawline. He hushed me as the needle pressed slowly against my skin. As the cold metal pierced the first layer of flesh, I started to panic, this surreal situation now undeniably terrifying and real. I shoved forward, alarming Dad and almost sinking the entire needle in my throat. It enforced him to slam his gloved hand over my mouth and force my head still.
“Shh… I just need you out of my hair for a few hours… Think of it as a ‘baby sitter’ injection.” Dad darkly chuckled in a soft volume at his own joke as I kept trying to somehow get him off of me. I could hear him shoot me up, the sound of the liquid injecting inside my blood rushed through my ears. Whatever it was, it was strong. I was only becoming weaker as I kept trying to get up. Before I realized it, Dad had gotten off me, but I still couldn’t sit up. I sat there, paralyzed and my vision getting blurry as he hovered over me, grinning like I was a rare insect to dissect. I tried to reach up, anything, but only my fingers flexed.
As everything got fuzzier and darker, I tried to talk, ask what he was gonna do, but nothing. At that point, I just prayed that I wouldn’t stop breathing since I couldn’t feel my chest anymore. I couldn’t feel anything anymore. It was just like all the nightmares I used to have every night as a kid…Just as everything went black, I thought I saw Dad’s face come closer and touch mine, but I couldn’t tell. I unwillingly fell into the dark abyss of unconsciousness, terrified and regretful that…I had let Zim down in protecting him like I promised…I just thought I had more time…


It was raining that beautiful and awful sky acid when the Dib left and it had only gotten heavier since. I thought about going over to his base just to see him, but I dared not risk the lasting of the glue in such weather. It had been an hour or so since the human had left and I was becoming bored. I had gone to fixing Gir as soon as the human departed, the robot hooked up down stairs being rebooted and physically restored. I sighed as I stared out the window and watched the Earth poison slide down the glass.
As I stared out, there was a bright flash of head lights from an Earth vehicle. First concerned, I peeked just high enough over the window seal to see outside. As the head lights died, I could tell from the street lights that it was Dib’s vehicle! Delighted, I hopped up and disabled my security system to let him in. I wasn’t sure why Dib had returned sooner than he had declared, but I was too thrilled to care from being relieved of my boring lonely state.
I hopefully deduced that he had changed his mind and decided to change me back before morning. I sat at the corner of the couch, not trying to seem too excited to see him. I continued to watch television, pretending I didn’t even notice he was here. I listened, my lekkus high in the air listening to each of his steps up the sidewalk. They seemed heavier than usual, but I foolishly blamed the rain. As he approached the other side of the door, I waited excited, containing myself.
When the Dib hesitated to open it or knock, I stared at the closed door and wondered what his strange actions contained within. Finally, the knob turned and I smiled. The door crept open and I saw the edge of the familiar white coat. I stood to greet the human, but my taloned feet stuck hard to the flooring. Slowly…the large older human male closed the door behind him and slicked his hair back, shaking his coat off from the rain. I was naked. Not truly naked obviously, but…I looked down at my green skinned claws and lowered my lekkus, slowly stepping away. He held up his hand.
“Don’t be afraid, little thing. I’ve come with good news.” The professor smiled at me, slipping his soaking wet coat off and tossing it on the table that was next to my door. I stepped back again anyways. I had no reason to trust him and every reason to slit his throat. He must have seen it in my eyes. His eyes became keen on me through his orbed eye guards.
“What’s the matter? I had been lead to believe you were friendly?...Particularly friendly in fact…” His voice sounded like poison, like that from an sagacious snake. He slid his goggles back and raised his hands, showing me his unarmed gloves. “See…? I mean you no harm…” He slowly took his gloves off one at a time and laid them on top of his coat.
All of his dance was pointless. I wasn’t some stupid creature, I knew who he was. What he was… Already exposed, I rose onto my octoskeleton, standing high above him. I pointed down to him, my other fist clenched. “You shall leave this place! Immediately! You have gained access under false pretenses… ” My faded thoughts worried indeed why the man had returned…in the very vehicle that my human had left in. The man just continued to smile at me, his hands raised in innocence.
“He didn’t want you to be human, did he?” He asked, making me stop and look him over… What did this man know…and how? I slowly landed myself back onto the ground.
“You’re…You are not alarmed of my state…?” I asked, suspicious of the man’s calmness to his interaction with my race and appearance for the first time. I had expected news teams and scientists with scalpels. The man just shook his head.
“Of course, not. You are a fascinating guest. A guest my son has treated rudely.” I glared him over, not convinced.
“How would you know of the Dib and Zim’s business…?” I asked, claws still open and ready to murder the man if he knew too much for me to let him live.
“‘Zim’, huh? So you are the one from my office this morning. I heard Dib calling for you. So you have already become human once. What is stopping you now?” I looked the man up and down…he seemed…interested. His expression was welcoming and intrigued. His face…was so much like the Dib’s. My eyes focused on his lips for a moment, remembering the rough embrace the man had had me in just earlier that day. I felt my face flush and back away even more from his overly welcome smile.
“You attacked Zim. Why should I trust you?” I spat, crawling up onto the wall, staying out of the man’s reach as he tried to take more and more steps closer to Zim.
“Something happened, right? The change was obviously not stable…” He started, holding his chin and tucking his other arm over his chest, thinking. “I have a far superior intellect than my son. Maybe…I could help?” He offered, looking up at me. “I know Dib doesn’t want you human, he told me so himself.”
“That is foolish; your mind and mouth is full of nothing, but bile.” I hissed at him. “Why would the human want me in such a state when there are so many down falls?” I asked. Dib was…just worried about the transformation again…There was no way the human told his father about us…right?
“My son is a hopeless romantic. Seems he likes you better in your original, freak form. He has always had…strange tastes.” I didn’t understand most of the weight of the man’s words, but I did understand one thing.
Strange tastes seem to your run in your bloodline, then, Donor Parent of Dib.” I prodded, making my own deep knowledge of my enemy as useful as his. He didn’t respond, but…he definitely flinched…hard.
“I can help you…In ways he can’t, Zim.” He said slowly. I could feel his smile and his eyes take in all of me…looking me over everywhere…like Dib did when he thought I wasn’t looking. I climbed off the wall, landing in front of him and standing in the archway to the kitchen.
“You…” I started, curious, but cautious. “You would change me human…?”
The human grinned bigger at me. “Of course. Who am I to stop the beauty…” He started, reaching for me and gently touching my chin. “…of science…?” I would have been lying if I claimed the man wasn’t…charming… I tried to remember what I had discovered of him and his actions to his own smeet, but at the moment he just struck me as…an older Dib and…I was ashamed of my programming to be so highly attracted to him.

Professor Membrane

The creature was skeptical of me… Not that I blamed it. If anything, I admired its’ caution and intelligence. More than my child had ever shown. I watched its’ marvelous body execute some kind of mechanical other half into spider legs that held him up elegantly. He was more fascinating than I had hoped…unfortunately he seemed to know more me than I had planned…I was able to convince him to at least come down. I wanted him to trust me, let me closer. Whatever he was, the only one that knew about him seemed to be my insane son. Then no one else would miss him… I could not miss my chance to have a “substitute” with no strings attached and no risk. Such a special substitute as well…
The alien like creature fell from the wall with such grace and stood up to me, even with his short stature, with pride and power. His skin was like green alabaster, his eyes glistening with deep reds and galactic purples. As he spoke, I could see his strange teeth, some square-like others, sharp like fangs. His tongue seemed to be nothing more than a single serpent’s. My mind went other places as he looked me up and down.
“You…” He started, his eyes on me keenly“You would change me human…?”
My grin only grew at the sign of his interest. “Of course. Who am I to stop the beauty…” I outstretched my hand to his face, seeming much larger holding his tiny chin. “…of science…?” According to their argument on the film, all I needed to do was stand and give him my DNA to the creature ‘Zim’…and he’d be a young teen again, for as long as I pleased so it seemed.
He seemed to turn to putty in my hand as soon as I touched his face. He stared up at me with fond attraction in his eyes. He must have seen my son in my face, no doubt a sole benefit for my son to be lucky enough to be graced and designed with my bone structure. He seemed to find himself and smacked my hand away.
“You may assist Zim. Then you leave.” I smiled and bowed my head in agreement. The creature walked ahead of me and opened a large opening in the wall, obviously some kind of lift.
“Zim warns you. There is no promise of not erasing your squishy mind meats afterwards. Or even letting you keep them.” He proclaimed, standing in the lift and folding his claw hands behind his back. I smiled at his spunk. I laughed shortly under my breath.
“Funny. I was going to say the same.” The creature glared up at me as I walked in after him. As I stood beside him, watching the lift take us further, impossibly further down, I noticed him staring up at me.
“Yes?” I asked, not bothering to look down.
“Is this adult height ideal for your genetics?” He asked seriously. I couldn’t hide my grin. The creature was infatuated with height, hoping my child would gain mine, no doubt. For such a technologically advanced species…he was quiet see through.
“Oh I see.” I started, but cleared my throat and answered properly, as if he was an undergraduate from my building. “There are no guarantees.” I said carefully, finally looking down at him. He was looking up at me with enchanted eyes. Once our eyes met, he snatched his away, the doors opening and his face once again curt. I took him by his wrist suddenly and pressed him against the wall, his lust purely visible for an experienced lover like myself.
“You’re infatuated with my son…?” I asked carefully. The creature seemed to freeze, no defenses up. Like he was alarmed and ready, but…not defensive. I continued, pressing my free hand on the center of his jeans. “Or are you using him for his body…?” I smiled and the creature started to pant immediately. It was fascinating how sensitive it was to the whim of others.
“Zim is…” He started, but didn’t finish, his eyes on my hand, covering his entire crotch areas with my palm. At first I thought it was an answer, but could then he see he had more to say. I leaned down and pressed my lips on the nape of his neck, breathing in the space animal’ scent.
“You are…?” I tried to make him continue, taunting him. I felt his body quiver in my hands and look up with his face more flushed than before.
“Zim is supposed to punch you if you touch there…” the creature’s serpent tongue hung out slightly, his once threatening tone diminished into a childlike tone. He had quiet the erotic reactions for an specimen of a completely different race. Not to mention one that looked so young.
“So it was Dib who told you to protect…here?” I asked, pressing harder onto the green boy’s crotch. I felt a smile growing on my face, the being slightly grinding against my hand. I felt myself getting hard, having been awhile since I was with anyone, or in this case, anything. “He just wants you for himself… You should give yourself to me as well…” I whispered to him, gripping him by his jaw with my other hand, pressing his mouth onto mine once more. His green lips were even softer than his human ones. I slipped my tongue inside, exploring his small mouth. His thin tongue surprisingly wrapped around mine. He even released a moan into my mouth when I bit on his bottom lip.
“Well…” I stated, pulling away to taunt him. “You surely cannot control yourself, now can you?” I asked, rubbing my hand harder upon his now enthusiastic rhythm.
“Zim…was not taught yet…to control…” He panted. I could not have been more thrilled. My son’s treasured little pet was nothing more than an easily manipulated whore. No wonder he wanted him to be doomed to stay inside forever. I mean, damn, I was barely even trying and the creature had already sucked on my tongue.
Without another warning, I slid my hand into the extra-terrestrial’s pants and sunk a finger deep inside the first hole I found. He cried out in shock and pushed away from me, only to hit the wall more.
“No-no! You must s-stop!” He cried out, his eyes open and alarmed, staring down at my hand down his waistline and inside of him. “No-no-no-no-no!” He repeated in a panic,
“Tst- Calm down=” I assured the annoying cry, kissing him deep again before starting to stretch his hole, curling my finger and feeling him drool for it. To my surprise, the little push over grabbed me by my neck and sunk in those sharp ass claws into my shoulder and arm, making me stop, but not pull out.
“D-Dib…only…” He growled, with what looked like tear laced eyes. I grinned down at him.
“But I’m far better.” I grabbed his wrists with my free hand and started thrusted my middle finger hard and fast into the creature, making his legs shake. I watched as his will left him and all thought of his robotic defense failed. I knew he wanted it. He whimpered, but his head tilted back, his mouth drooling open. “D-Dib~…”
My lip curled slightly as the little green whore creature begged for my son, as if I wasn’t even here! I slammed him against the wall once really hard and put more of my elbow into it, fingering him at an intense speed, one I hadn’t used in years. He was quivering everywhere and I could tell he about spent and I stopped. As I’d hoped, he started bucking to me and whimpered.
“All I wanted to see…” I murmured before finishing the pathetic thing off. I felt a rush of wetness and gush fill his underwear and around my hand, His inside tightly clinging to my penetration. As I slipped out my finger from his tight hole, I smiled and licked my upper teeth. My victory was short lived. It was as if when his body stopped needing, his mind took over clearer than ever and had every sharp end of those octo legs at my throat. He was breathless, but his eyes were keen and lethal.
“Touch Zim…without permission again…in any way…and I will loop off your head…” He warned, a hiss to each word.
“I just thought I’d show you what you’re missing…being with a sad lunatic like my son.” I stated mater-o-factly, but it only received me a slight point of pressure from those sharp ends. I wiped my hand off on my pants and released him, stepping away and off the lift onto the floor ground. After a seriously dangerous glare, I shut my mouth. He was inconveniently dangerous in this form.
“Understood clearly…” I finally answered. I could have been happier anyway…Just one visit and I had already made my son’s play thing cum for me. He would surely be a little more than dishearten.
“Follow me.” The tiny thing demanded as if nothing happened. With my wide strides in step, there was no need for me to rush. I followed as told as was walked up to a certain machine, two tubes holding up next to one another.
“Get in that one.” He demanded me again, a bossiness I was excited to break. I followed the instructions, but gave him a less than pleased expression. Watching the ant touch things on an almost invisible screen, I began to feel uneasy. This machine must have worked before, but these two were obviously more than a little dangerous. Still, the prize was worth the risk. I imagine that defenseless creature underneath me in its’ human form again. The green was not appealing to me and I was glad to be rid of it. Besides, Dib thinks he is so special because of it? We see animals of the galaxy all the time in the high ranks of my research. No, what was really special was an immortal teen like this creature was about to become, after a few mechanical tweaks of me own design so he’s actually stay that way. The machine started and I closed my eyes, tired of waiting.
The tubes filled with light so bright I could see it through my eye lids, but was gone soon after. My tube was filled with almost a steam smoke. The glass opened and I released myself. I stood excited, thrilled even under my calculated expression for Zim to arrive from his. I homed a grin on my face, ready to continue my victory and show my son how one properly keeps a pet…
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Chapter 15
I licked my lips as I enjoyed the last of my sexual conquest as Dib stood over me. He obviously tried not to watch too closely though I’m sure he liked the view. His breathing was still labored and his face was still very red. He was back in his jeans and shifting uncomfortably, but I could sense, feel, that his entire body felt a million times better. I remembered he had reacted the same way the night before. It must have been some kind of human reaction to the over stimulation.
“Zim…what was uh..” Dib started as he scratched the back of his head, smiling like an idiot, but looking away like he was nervous. “Does this mean we’re like uh..” He chuckled nervously.  I raised an eye at him and wondered what he was indicating.
“That we’re what?” I asked as I licked at what was left of the exercise on my lips. He pressed his lips together firmly, still trying to hide his smile and blushing all sorts of red. He s
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Thank you for the fav :3
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...For now, anyway....

For all the Dibs (though specifically Self Discovery Dib because he's my favorite baby):… Please watch this video and give your thoughts on it with relation to Zim.

TW: Flavored condoms.

(NYT, I'm so sorry if I'm annoying you.)
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I love your art style! The colors too. :D
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