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In The Forest Ch1 pg8 by NotYourTherapist
In The Forest Ch1 pg8
I did a thing! I have to do this from my phone so I can't really edit much in this description. The translation for the irken is this in order

5: what is this? This gesture... it's referring to my...height? Why does he laugh?... unless...
7: you dare slander zim? Come here so I can understand you!

I'll add the previous and next page stuff along with my donate link later when I can get my Internet connected.
In The Forest Ch1 pg8 by NotYourTherapist
In The Forest Ch1 pg8
I did a thing! I have to do this from my phone so I can't really edit much in this description. The translation for the irken is this in order

5: what is this? This gesture... it's referring to my...height? Why does he laugh?... unless...
7: you dare slander zim? Come here so I can understand you!

I'll add the previous and next page stuff along with my donate link later when I can get my Internet connected.
Chapter 20


I gripped the steering wheel so tightly that the skin on the back of my knuckles were white. Thanks to the adrenaline, I drove at the highest legal speed limit for the first five minutes until I, or more like my body, suddenly slammed on the breaks, sliding the car and hydroplaning a few feet until the car screeched to a hard side cocked stop. Thankfully, since it was so late at night, no one else was on the road…but…not that any of those thoughts were in my mind at the time. I had been internally screaming until my mind caught up and realized the car was stopped…then I started to scream outwardly.
"W-what the hell is going on in my life?!" My fists hit the steering wheel as I hollered out, suddenly realizing my hands were shaking. I started to try to breathe a little slower, afraid I'd go into shock if I didn’t calm down. I had just been stripped of, what I still pray was a virginity, I NEVER planned to lose, to an alien in human form that I can only refer to as being the size of my father- wait! Scratch that! Not my father?? No idea at this point. Clone maker? Who has no doubt just STOLEN said alien….
"What am I going to do...?! The hell am I doing now?!” I slammed my hands down once more on the steering wheel, following it with my forehead, smacking it firmly on the center on the top of ring. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Those goons…They had to be from Dad-er…uh…whatever; Membrane Corps. Calmer, I started to drive once more, my back firmly pressed into my seat as my elbows locked straight ahead of me, making sure to focus the road I had just minutes ago completely ignored.
“Okay…Okay…” I started, glancing at myself in the mirror. “First…how did he know where we wer-” I stopped myself, rolling my eyes as I remembered I was literally IN Dad’s car. Of course he found us easily. Duh.
“I’m an idiot.” I mumbled before reaching over to unlock the glove box with one hand, searching for the damn anti-theft GPS locator. As soon as my fingertips felt it, I ripped it out and threw it out the window in a rage. If only I’d remembered sooner… I shook my head, not having time for 20/20 hindsight pity parties. Dad had Zim, even knew what he was, or at least had an idea. I had to do something. A twinge of pain hit my face as I shifted in my seat, suddenly feeling the serious soreness that had made me abandon Zim in the first place.
“Damn it…” I sighed, feeling a pulling exhale threaten tears to come from my eyes. I didn’t want to leave…but I knew Zim must have been thinking the same thing… It was weird…to see Zim give himself up like that. It was almost as if he was trying to protect me. I mean…I felt that he cared for me, but enough to have me leave him like that? Not that I would have been of much use… I couldn’t even get out of his damn lap! My thoughts reflected to the fact that the last thing Zim even saw from me was my refusal to let him hold me.
“Ugh…” I groaned disgruntledly to myself, repeating the words out loud. “Hold me. When the hell did I become the bottom of this fucking relationship!?” I remembered the hurt reflected in his eyes when I hesitated to tell him it was okay...
“I suck…” I shook my head at myself, pushing my glasses back up my nose. I had given in…Given him my everything…and…shamefully loved it. Wait, should it be shameful? Fuck, I was so confused. I did…love everything that happened; I couldn’t deny that…It was just so sudden and different, and nothing close to what i expected. Either way…we had just…had more than sex. Even though it was nerve wracking and scary…Zim and I had made love and…I think that’s what scared me most of all. I finally had to fully confront all of the emotions and desires I had for him. They were out in the open and so were Zim’s…Who seemed strangely more comfortable with this than I did…
I furrowed my brow, pissed we didn’t have any kind of resolution besides the extremely hot sex that took place not two feet from where I was currently sitting. Why the hell did Dad even want to take Zim?? I thought he would be more pissed at me, but…I let out an irritated groan, knowing I wasn’t going to be able to come up with an educated guess for what the fuck was going on through that man’s head. All I knew for sure was that Zim was in trouble and I needed to do something.
My pride and my ass sore from abuse and dejection, I sped as fast as I could in a drifted U turn. I was tired of taking everything lying down. I was going to hunt Zim down and I knew exactly what I needed to do it- Hell, tracking him down was half my life at one point. As I gripped the wheel and sped through the streets, I felt my throat go dry…If Dad made the order to abduct Zim then he must have escaped from the lab…

I could tell it was dark before I even opened my eyes. I could feel that my wrists were bound to the arms of the chair I was stuck to. I shifted from side to side anyhow, hoping to find some leeway in the binds. I thought I was alone due to the silence so I jumped a bit when my shin was softly nudged with the front of someone’s boot. When I went to look up I realized the room wasn’t dark at all and I was actually blind folded. I gritted my teeth, trying to listen to where the person who had nudged me was, hearing a soft ‘tap tap’ of their shoes walking around me.
“The hell do you want from me?” I growled, having my theories, but not even knowing who I was speaking to at the moment. I could feel the dried body plasma of my human blood sticking to my forehead and my hair, no doubt from the previous bash to the head. No words were returned to me and my hostile temper only grew more aware. I was ready to start barking to be un-blinded when a solid cold metal hit me across the face. It surprisingly didn’t hurt as much as I expected it to. I immediately snapped back.
“HEY! Stop that shit already, damn it!” I was beyond tired of being beaten, already decently subdued and not deserving of such recoil. Suddenly, a cold focused voice broke out, much closer to my ear than I had suspected.
“I will when I’m done, lover boy.” I recognized the voice as one of my kidnappers, the one that hit me upside the head last time. I growled, slightly cautious to be hit once more with whatever it was he had. Honestly, I was just relieved it wasn’t Dib’s father life form instigating me. Before I could celebrate further or ask any more questions, I felt a hard heel bruise into my gut, racking my body hard against the bolted chair. I let out a gurgled noise before hunching over in pain, growling threateningly at my attacker to fend off more assaults. Seemingly having no affect, as the human snatched my collar hard as if rearing back to hit me again.
“Enough, Lyn.” I heard the squeak of the man’s boot against the floor as the assault halted mid motion. Even blinded I recognized the voice clear as day. Membrane. It would seem he saw my irritated expression under the blind fold, his voice turning into a sickeningly smug loft.
“Lyn, Daxer; You can leave him to me. Why don’t you go see if Zarx has woken up yet?” He asked in a way that there was no question it was a command. Missing my lekkus, I struggled to listen for the other man that I could only deduce was the large one that picked me up from behind. No doubt, I soon heard the shuffle of a metal chair scrapping against the tile floor from the man standing up. I listened as the men left, trying to see with my inferior human ears to where the door they exited through was located. I could tell it was too my right, with an electric key, the distinctive ‘boop’ giving it away. Soon…I heard nothing, which was much more unsettling than I could have imagined.
I jumped as a quick fluid movement removing my blind fold, the room suddenly blinded to me in a flash of light. Squinting my eyes, I quickly looked around at my surroundings, ignoring the man in front of me. The walls were concreted and clean, the florescent lights above flickering lightly in a loud buzz. I smirked, even with the partially swollen cheek, seeing as though I was right about the exit door. The panel was simple enough. Confident I could get out of the door; I seethed lightly as I pulled against my restraints once more.
“You might as well get comfortable.” The Professor’s deep voice was calm, but his patience was presently thin. He gripped my left shoulder and made me sit straight up with my back against the chair. “Now let me look at you…” He started, grabbing my jaw and tilting my head from side to side. “Printed out quite nicely, didn’t you….? Where did all of these other genes come from…? Auburn hair? Red eyes…No these aren’t from me. Then where?” The man’s usual slicked back hair was pulled tighter, pulled back with a rubber band, besides the stubborn family bangs that stuck almost straight up. His clothes looked more casual, maybe from his own closet. Black slacks and a gray button down. Out of place, his goggles still positioned properly on his face and gleamed over in the light as he studied me closer. I rolled my eyes, a little surprised he wasn’t being more invasive in his search.
“Research.” I finally spat at him, my jaw not free to move much to talk. “It’s not a copy machine, you nit. There are- er” I gritted as the man squeezed my jaw tighter. “There are other genetics in data base! It doesn’t have raw code like a live human, but it does have saved genetics I have dissected from other humans! I just sorted the ones I thought would fit me best.” I admitted, not seeing it impudent information since he already knew about the machine. His brows rose above his lenses in interest before he tossed my face away with the flick of his wrist. “Other genetics, huh…?” I glared up at him, waiting for him to continue.
“And this-” A sudden firm grip to my crotch, changing the subject pretty hard. “What have you got stained all over my pants?” He emphasized, obviously still not pleased I stripped him of his clothes since mine no longer fit. Snatching free of his grip on my jaw I looked down to what he meant and felt the skin of face heat up….no doubt, it was the er…fluids from the Dib and I’s recent…escapade. Until then I had not looked him in the eye because I didn’t WANT to…but now, I couldn’t even if were demanded to by the very Tallest…
“I see…So you have been busier than I had hoped. How was he, monster?” He snarled with a sick smirk before laughing coldly and walking around me slowly. His fingers traveled gently over the corners of my shoulders, neck and back. It was making my stomach queasy.
“I’m starting to miss the one with the baton.” I sighed, grimacing at the weirdly kind touches of the man’s fingers as he dragged them across me as he circled my chair. My sarcasm was as usual, unappreciated. A hard fist clenched itself in my hair before painfully snapping my neck back to look up at the man standing behind me.
“I have been extremely patient with you and Dib. You were supposed to stay…subdue-able. As he was supposed to stay PUT.” The man growled as he slowly pushed his goggles back to his hairline before glaring down at me. I assumed he meant when he bound the Dib to his lab, but… why did he want me subdued so badly? Was it because of my race…? When he found my alien form exposed before…I shivered in disgust at the memory of his sexual assault. Then he only seemed to want me in human form…so then why? With his goggles pulled up, even in the upside down view I had, he looked so very much like my human it was frustrating. Those familiar amber eyes glowered down at me.
“You don’t deserve to look like him.” I finally muttered, rewarded immediately with a firm grip on my exposed throat, weighing downward against the back of the chair. My throat gave out a gurgled growl as more weight pressed into me, the man bringing his face closer to mine. His voice came out like silk, but sounded venomous.
That’s rich… You know nothing of me. Or my intentions.” He smirked, as he choked me down harder against the head of the chair. “Both of you brats…ruining and wasting a perfect opportunity. And on each other no doubt.” Though I was in the process of choking, I managed to raise a brow at his mad rambles. What the hell was he talking about?? He released his grip upon my throat, but kept me hard against the chair with the fist in my hair. His face lowered even closer until his mouth was next to my ear.
“Was it fun? I’m sure he put up a fuss at first. He always does.” The man whispered near the sensitive lobe of my ear before licking hotly against the back of it, sending a shiver up my stomach. The buckled bounds around my ankles broke as I kicked both legs up and stomped my boots hard into the ground in protest. My quick movement must have startled him since he flew himself back, finally allowing me to sit my head up straight. I struggled to look back at him over my shoulder.
“Zim is tired of your ruses! You have the sickness filled mind of a mutated glork! Tasting the skin of your own meat and bone, forcing your perversions! Let me free or prepare yourself for utter destruction!” I pulled at the bands at my wrists and snarled at the human who now cautiously walked in front of me. His face contorted into a glare. It was still strange…to see his bare face with no collar or goggles…Dib really did look exactly like his father form. I'm sure he must hate it. It only pissed me off more to find him as attractive as the Dib human. Even so, the attractive features didn’t allow me to forget how horrible the man was on the inside. He seemed to have just as low of an opinion about me.
He suddenly charged me, grabbing the tops of my knees in a tight painful grip, shoving his nose nearly to mine. “Now you listen well to me-” His eyes keenly on mine. “I have been more than gracious to you. You’re not exactly on my dissection table are you?” He waited for my response, but I just glared at him, not wanting to admit anything until I heard his point.
“I don’t want whatever you are wasted on para-science discovery. You could be so much. Oh, and the life I could give you…” His amber eyes glistened before he came closer and nearly caught his lips on mine. That was before my forehead made a dashing entrance into his. He flinched back and snarled back, snatching my jawline once more, but this time digging his nails into my face. Instead of punishment though…He began to laugh.
“Yes, THIS. This is why I favor you. Since the beginning...that fire. That fire that’s not from this world. Finally, something extraordinary enough to…”
“‘Enough to’ what?” I growled, seeing his focus was fading into some other thoughts. The human’s face became less angry and more…distant. He slowly leaned away with…an almost normal smile on his face, like a calm before an intergalactic storm.
“To replace me!” he bit his bottom lip after he spoke, pure excitement in his eyes. My own expression contorting into absolute confusion. Replace him?? What kind of nonsense was this quack talking about???


“For the LAST TIME. YES, ZIM IS CAPTURED!” I groaned, packing a small duffle bag with some gear as Gir questioned me. At first, I was thrilled to see him okay and spry again. Then I remembered he was out of his mind almost all the time.
“Yay~!” He celebrated at the top of his robotic lungs. I stopped mid packing, holding what looked like a small plasma canon in my hand, my face blank and tired.
“No, Gir. That’s bad.” I blinked before carrying on.
“Oh.” I heard his sigh before squeezing the absolute shit out of a plastic pig. I smirked, shaking my head before looking back at Zim’s arsenal. It wasn’t very hard to get into, but understanding what half of the shit was- not as easy. I shrugged, thinking that if I didn’t know what it was, it would at least be an element of surprise to whoever was bound to be guarding Zim.
“Now to just figure out where he is…” I wondered out loud.
Who? Zim? He’s at the pier.” Computer sudden chimed in. I snatched my head up too look up at where the voice was coming from.
“Wh-what? You know where Zim is? How?!” I scoffed angrily at the ceiling, really tired of the computers poor timing to speak.
Uh, his pak. Duh. GPS, loser.” I clutched my open hands towards the ceiling in frustration before dropping them and sighing. At least it was a lead.
“May I please have the coordinates, Computer?” There was silence followed by Computer clearing its throat.
“Well, if you’re going to be so polite about it, I guess I don’t have a choice.” It was only then that I wondered why a computer would need to clear its throat. Before I could ask more, the location was blooped onto the screen. I could see exactly where Zim was. What a break of luck. About time too.
“Thank you so much, Computer! This is great!” I moved excitedly in a small jump, but immediately regretted it, tears coming to my eyes. “Ah, this is still gonna suck. My everything is killing me.” I sighed, rubbing my lower back, my…‘soreness’ still really REALLY hurting me something bad. I shook it off and before I felt a sharp prick in the back of my neck.
“Ow! W-what the hell?” I looked up to see a needle being thrown away into a retractable trashcan by a metal tentacle coming from the wall.
“What the hell Computer?!” I asked, rubbing my attacked skin. I glared when I heard the Computers voice whistling. “HOW ARE YOU EVEN DOING THAT?” I snapped, the confusing unnatural natural sounds the computer could imitate.
Hm? What? What happened?” It asked sarcastically. If it had a face, I bet it was holding back a smirk. I opened my mouth to accurse my accusations, but…I realized my um… nothing hurt anymore. The prick…? What was it? A numbing agent?
“Did you just…fix me? How’d you-”
“I’m a Mass Board Processing Computer. I saw the limp. A quick scan and uh, could easily see the problem. Better?”
I blushed and pouted, but was very grateful to the new mobility. “Y-yes. Thank you…” Free to move easy again, I finished packing and gazed back to the screen with Zim’s blinking location.
“Zim…I’m gonna fix this…” I promised. I turned around to tell Gir to stay put, but…he was already gone. “Must have already found something else to entertain himself.” I laughed; glad he was at least able to keep himself happy while all of this horrible shit was going down.  


“Don’t you see, Zim?” The man asked, grinning something creepy. “I’m magnificent~. No matter how much I focused on other things or other people, I was the one I was ever truly infatuated with.” The man went on as I tried to understand. Even my most powerful mind didn’t grasp how his narcissism had anything to do with me. He must have noticed because he started getting huffy.
“No one could ever satisfy…my needs. No one. Until I made another.” He smirked and looked away fondly, as if recalling pleasantries. I squinted my eyes at him, wishing more than ever I could just use my talons to thrash at his face. I hated it when he smiled. And what the hell was he talking about? Another what? Him?  
“Well you seemed to find plenty of ‘satisfaction’ with molesting your own blood. Filthy pedophilic human.” The man just snorted at me.
“It had nothing to do with age. And if you ask me, it’s more ‘creative masturbation’ than molestation.” He pointed out matter of fact-ly before walking closer to me once more, dragging a matching chair to mine behind him. He spun it around and sat perfectly in front of me in the backward chair, his long legs on either side of the furniture. “Do you get it yet…?”
“Masturbation?” I asked, not familiar with the word. The man only laughed through his nose and placed his palm on my inner thigh, his eyes never leaving mine.
“When you touch yourself…” He smiled slowly with his words, watching my face.
I blinked at the man, before looking back and forth, trying to see what he was implying. Another him…touching…himself? That didn’t make any sense…right? He couldn’t mean that Dibodeth was… My eyes widened as I looked back up at him…just grinning.
“He is…a copy…” I spoke slowly, not seeing how a human could possess this technology. The professor just watched my face with the same grin before nodding.
“Yes, well. It didn’t go as I planned. I was somewhere in my 20s, a strapping vision so I thought what better time? I cloned myself, but instead of making another wonderful perfect me…” he rolled his eyes as he sighed. “An infant version given life instead. One of my lab workers blabbed and I was awarded with some nonsense from the government for some plan B for when we all become sterile. Luckily, they didn’t read my side notes.” He chuckled, bragging about his sexually derived scheme. He waved his hand to move along to what was hopefully his point. So far, I could follow fine, my magnificence multiplied could only be a good thing. I could see myself doing the same without the sexual motive.
“With the child and all I decided it was a good move to try to start a family- you know- at least for the public eye. Ended up trying to drown my needs into a woman and all I got was another screaming brat. At least this one grew up with some of my spunk. The clone on the other hand…” He sighed, leaning his jaw on the top of his hand. “God, he was always a disappointment. He made it very difficult not to be ashamed of him. The only good he ever did was- well…” He laughed. “On his knees.” He finished with a sickening smirk. I didn’t realize I was doing it, but I lunged at him against the bounds in anger. The idea, the image…of him- anyone- touching Dib the way I had…It made my blood boil.
“Aaannnyywwaaayy~” Membrane continued, not even flinching at me or acknowledging my fury. “I have been ridiculously bored. I almost completely lost hope until…I saw you poking around in my office. At first you just looked like an easy target. And blind no doubt. I thought what a better kind of victim? But then I find out the truth?” He reached over and took my face in his palm, curving the line around my chin. “That you’re a unique creature? Completely out of this world rare. And I find you hanging around my second rated me? Please. I knew the second I figured out who you were that I’d be a better point of interest for you. I thought about how no one on Earth could satisfy me better than me…then maybe someone not from Earth could… Replace me, alien. I want to show you things he could never dream of…we’ll have to shrink you down some, but I know you want to know how it’d be with me…”
I opened my mouth to argue, yell, but he cut me off. “Don’t lie.” He started, rubbing his thumb over my bottom lip. I felt my chest tighten, afraid to hear anything else. This man was deranged, but…my logical thinking made me fear he had a point about me…He was Dib physically. He seemed more intelligent, more successful and even seemed to know what he wanted. Where the Dib was slow, nervous, clumsy and…didn’t really seem to want to receive Zim anyway… My head became filled with Dib’s rejection at the end of everything…All the moments we had shared through it all flooded to me. His voice on the phone after so long, the dinner I made him, how he mended my foot…
He slept on the couch with me…
He took me home…
The food closet,
Work- everything…
I felt my eyes burn and over fill with tears. I gritted my teeth and lowered my head.
“What?” He asked seriously, leaning his face in closer to see mine.
“G…get away from me.” My voice broke and I could feel my throat closing. I heard Membrane sigh before he stood up and removed the chair, standing directly in front of me.
“What’d he do? I can only imagine it was something my reject did to make you look like that.” His voice sounded colder before suddenly, I felt his hand on my wrist, unbuckling the restraint.
“What are…”
“I want you to pick me, creature.” He stated plainly, sounding confident I would. Reading this man was much harder than anything I had ever had to do before. He was charming when we met, but…the photos…what he did to Dib…I thought about if I cloned myself how I would feel about treating me. My eyes widened at the thought…and I became ashamed… thinking that if it was my clone…why should I care? No, I wasn’t about to justify what this man did, but…his interest in me…it made me so nervous…as if I was still my original size. As I thought, the man released my binds. I rubbed my wrists as I watched him take off the broken ones from around my ankles. Most of my focus was on the hand he used to lean on me with, the hot palm pressing onto the top of my knee. It was like I was super aware of him.
“I’m not asking you to understand me, Zim.” He started, looking up to me. My blood ran cold as at that moment of his calm expression and slightly cocked smile…he looked just like Dib. “I’m only asking you give me the chance you gave a lesser me.” He softly rubbed my knee where his hand had been resting, making my stomach go in knots.
“I…” I felt my face flush hotter, being put on the spot. “I…I don’t…know...” I pressed my palm onto my dizzying forehead and the man released me.
“Stand up.” He commanded. No fight in me, but also not feeling threatened to do so anyway, I obliged him. It felt good to get out of that chair. I dropped my hands to my side and was surprised to see that we were at the same eye level. Of course… they were his genes after all.
“Walk with me.” He started, taking me by the sleeve and pulling me behind him as we walked to the door. Minutes ago I would have crunched him into the wall and ran, but… now I wasn’t so sure what I wanted to do at all. Maybe he was right; maybe it was worth the try. He flashed a code into the panel and we started walking down a dark corridor that lead us to an out of place wooden door. He opened them to expose the brisk midnight air. I could tell the breeze was coming off water and could hear the waves softly crashing. I thought we were in a building, but we were on some kind of beach dock.
“Come on, I have something to show you.” He spoke calmly, as if he was arranging a business deal when he opened a wooden door to the next rickety looking building. When I walked through I stopped in shock.
“My…machine?” I asked him cautiously. There was a white, smooth replica of my machine from my lab sitting in front of me. It was a little larger and made of different material, but I could tell.
“Not exactly.” Membrane started as he crossed his arms and explained. I walked to the machine and smoothed my palm over the glass.
“When I left your lab I down loaded the blue prints from the machine’s panel. I thought it was too valuable of a thing for me not to have one. Put my team on it. They had it up in an hour. Hope you don’t mind but I took some liberty to make some changes. Would you mind getting inside?” He asked. I tried not to be impressed with his resources as I stepped away from the machine.
“I…Don’t think I should. At least at this size, I can take care of myself better against-”
“Didn’t seem to make a difference when I had you picked up.” He remarked back. I glared a little, but he put his palms up in a ‘no offense’ position and I let it go.
“Well, in which form was Dib nicer to you? I know for a fact I liked you tinier.” He coughed into his fist with a smirk on his face. I lowered my eyes then looked all the way up to the top of the machine. Dib did seem more comfortable with the smaller me…Maybe that was the problem…I thought hopefully, but…something told me that wasn’t it. Things did seem to go smoother when I was smaller.
“Fine. Just…not too much ‘tinier’. Got it?” I turned to the man and saw him nodding, his eyes clearer than I had ever seen them. If anything…It’s probably be a lot easier for me to get away and hide in a smaller form if I decided to run. I could feel him smile in the silence as I walked up the two steps to the glass. I turned back when I realized he wasn’t going to the other pod.
“Are you not…” I started but he shook his head.
“No need.” He started as he walked over to the panel board. “Just some minor physical changes. You’ve already got the DNA in your system. Shall we begin?” His dark amber eyes focused on mine as he waited for me to step inside the pod. I felt my stomach tighten as I stepped inside and had a bad feeling rising inside me. The glass shut itself in front of me and I watched Membrane closely, though I couldn’t see the screen from here. I jumped when the lights flashed on underneath me and I felt the familiar sensation of the fast wind like force. I could feel my bones and skin shifting again. The light made it too bright to watch and I slammed my eyes shut, the sensation still painful, but not as bad as completely shifting species.
As the machine swirled to an end of its actions, I hit my knees and tried to catch my breath…I slowly stood up and leaned against the glass. My eyes widen at the shock of my reflection and screamed at Membrane.
“What- What have you done!?” I could see Membrane’s grin over the panel of the control screen. I could hear him laughing under his breath. I started to beat on the glass as hard as I could to no avail.
“Remember when I said I made some changes…?” I heard him ask in a deep voice, than almost immediately after a spray of something quickly flashed across my pod and my head became heavy. I dropped once more, but down all the way, hitting the corner of the glass tank.
“Let’s see you ever get away again…” was the last thing I heard in the same dark familiar deep voice…Everything grew darker then... I was a fool…

Ivo and Eris Contest! by NotYourTherapist
Ivo and Eris Contest!
super excited~ Danceing Dean
had so much fun drawing this! i love this cute little oc couple so much~~! 
in love with their creators as well~ wish me luck <3Dean Flirt Thumbs Up SPN 
Ivo & Eris belong to :icontraumlaterne: :iconeinhornprinz:


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 6, 2015, 2:02 PM

i just wanted to thank all of you guys for your support. <3
I'm so sorry nothing has been uploaded anywhere.
I've been working on a big commission, but I'm going to at least try to write a chapter
of Earth Friendly. 
Presently, I'm sick out of my mind, but I'm going to the ER today. So hopefully,
it won't be an issue for much longer @ ^ @
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys
how much I appreciate all of you so so so much.
And how patient you are and how understanding you guys are
makes my little heart flutter u///w///u
I love you guys so much. Thank you <3
and i'll try harder to be more on top of things ; ^ ;

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NotYourTherapist Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
youre adorable
LadyMinish Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Sorry! My laptop turns off at ten. I can't reply on Skype till later. ; n ; )
LadyMinish Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the favorites, my dear! ;  w ; ) ♥

You like Lemongrab? 
NotYourTherapist Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh yeah ^///^

big adventure time fan and he always cracks me up~ 
LadyMinish Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Yesss, I'm a big fan too. I don't have many friends into it like me though, awh. I'm alone in this fandom //sob

Hnnng, Lemongrab's my favorite always, same with Peppermint Butler. > w <
NotYourTherapist Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh god yes XD mysterious Peppermint Butler~ <3 
i know the lonely fandom feels. //hugs//
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Hello, would you be interested in an Irken roleplay? C:
NotYourTherapist Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hm?  what do you mean? inbox me details :) 
1AmTheIT Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you know what Irken are?
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