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Chapter 14

There he was. Abnormal and majestic again. With Dad and the tension gone, I could stop and admire him, those eyes finally looking right through me again. God, I couldn’t look at him enough. I laughed inside about the previous difficulty I had with not touching him in his human form. Now with his alien, perfect body in front of me right at my fingertips, I could feel my skin burning, tingling even, to touch him. I was half in the conversation when I realized Zim was talking about something else instead of what I thought we were discussing.
Finally hearing him, a lump formed in my throat. He was talking about last night.
“What about it?”
“Zim has something…to confess.”
I looked away, at anything, but those big beautiful orbs that felt like they could see every thought in my mind. I was gonna throw up. I felt my heart racing and the anxiety built up so high I felt my hands getting clammy. I felt my foot began to fidget, but I was too nervous to care.
“N-never mind…” Was all I heard and I darted my eyes to his fearlessly. Zim started to mumble and ramble, turning around talking about something else hurriedly. I wasn’t letting this topic get away so quickly, not without a fight. Sure, I was nervous to talk about it, but I still wanted to. Before I knew, I had gotten up and grabbed him, turning him around to me and leaning in.
“Tell me…” I stated plainly. I didn’t realize how close we were at first until he had to awkwardly lean back to look away. He didn’t say anything, but his face was flushing a different color, purples in hue. He tried to walk away again out of my hands, but I held him tighter.
“Look at me.” I demanded, arching my neck to look down at him from an angle since he kept trying to look away from me. Zim had his arms wrapped over his chest in a lazy cross, holding the injured robot to his chest. I looked down at the silly robot and felt a pang of guilt in my stomach before lifting my hands off of Zim’s shoulders, him obviously uncomfortable and not feeling right about it. My hands slightly lifted in the air like Zim had just pointed a laser at me, I made a clear step back before lowering them back to my side and just looking at the floor. I tried to think of what to say, anything to break this silence. My fists clenched and unclench, making a soft popping noise. Turns out there was a noise that could make the tension worse. I sighed and looked around for a moment, calming down before slowly putting my thoughts together.
Zim walked over to the couch and laid the little robot down on the cushion comfortably. Before I could turn completely around, Zim was in front of me, his claws reaching for my face. The cool skin of his palms clasped my jaw. Before I could blink Zim pulled me down to meet his face. I had opened my mouth just a bit for a moment to try to exclaim, my hands reaching his shoulders before it happened…but our lips were touching. My eyes wide, I stared incredulously down at Zim’s closed eyelids. Closing mine as well, my eyes rolled back and just let it happen. I started to hold him there, my grip on his arms making sure he didn’t lean away. He was only pressing our lips together, but my blood was boiling and my lungs were in my throat.
He had been brave, grabbing me like this. Maybe he had the blessing of not having an overactive conscious like I did, constantly in fear of what my actions would bring. He cradled himself to me, his small and abnormally thin body pressing into me. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t need an explanation; I just never wanted him to pull away. Feeling like I was pressing to intensely too him, I leaned away just a little to make room for him. He suddenly reached up from my jaw and into my hair, pulling hard. I nearly lost the feeling in my knees, the absolutely amazing sensation making my jeans tight.
I couldn’t keep it PG anymore, I opened my mouth in the kiss and as soon as I did I felt his foreign tongue slip around mine in a coil. I shook, no wet dream being able to prepare me for this. It all ended too soon. The talons Zim had in my hair and on my face dug into my skin and made me recoil back, nearly dropping Zim. His hands released me and held himself on his mouth. His eyes were clinched shut as he gasped and hissed. Confusion just left me there, staring at him and holding him up in my arms.
“Zim?!” I exclaimed, trying to see his face that he was now covering in my chest, leaning into me hunched over in pain. “What happened?” He made a hiccup noise like he was trying to speak. He suddenly grabbed my shirt and started walking to the kitchen. I, of course, didn’t argue I just tried to keep up as a frantic Zim opened drawers and looked desperately for something. I felt useless as I just stood there and watched. Finally, he found what he was looking for. He turned around, lips pressed together as if to keep his mouth closed for safety. My heart broke as I say the painful expression on his face. His eyes alone showed how much pain he was in. I finally looked down to see what he had gotten as he unscrewed the top. It…It was glue.
“What the fuck…?” I asked out loud, rewarding me a glare from the alien that made me quickly step back. He finally opened his mouth with a hiss. I couldn’t believe it…he was…his mouth was giving off…steam? Finally realizing what the hell was happening as Zim oozed the glue into his mouth and open mouth coated it. His face relaxed as he flicked his tongue in it and used his finger to lather it on his lips. I had burned him.
“Are you…okay?” I asked, at first feeling terribly guilty, but…the glue it…it looked like… I felt my face go red. It looked like something else altogether. The clear-ish white substance he was very actively moving around in his open mouth only made my… “neglected” more aggressive. Zim nodded before glaring at the glue bottle, in thought.
“Well that shucks…” He mumbled mouth full of glue. I could feel I was gawking at him, but… I couldn’t help it. My mouth dropped a little as I focused on the drop that was oozing down his bottom lip. I turned around and took a deep breath, putting my hands in my pockets to try to…idly shift myself into a more comfortable position. This was just too much. I was not designed to stand here and be able to process Zim kissing me like that, scaring me half to death and then look like he had a huge wad in his mouth. My entire chest was so tight and I was going crazy. I noticed the food on the stove. My stomach finally felt something else besides emotional flips and I walked towards the stove. It all looked ready and the plates were right there. I looked over to Zim, who had apparently been watching me because he met my gaze immediately.
He smiled and nodded, egging me on to make a plate. I smiled back, more or less just because I was happy he was okay enough to smile at me. I guess he did heal a lot differently than I did. As I made my plate, I pondered on how Zim’s true and beautiful form couldn’t be touched by any moister that came from me. Duh, I was almost completely made of water, as was every other human being on Earth. I made a hurt smile, internally laughing at the cruel joke that my physical and genetic makeup alone assaulted Zim’s. I shook my head a little as I sat at table. Zim soon followed.
We sat across from each other as I stared at my food. It looked great, I wonder how he got to the point where he could just cook. As if he was reading my mind, Zim’s voice interrupted my thoughts.
“Recently.” He noted. I looked up at him cutting a very small slice of the chicken breast off and placing it in to his lips. “I recently took interest in the finer earth foods.” He took in the bite and chewed it, gesturing me to do the same. I did, quickly taking a much larger chunk and eating. As I chewed he continued. “Looking for ways to persuade you to the base, I found there was a larger menu of edibles that didn’t include the disgusting instant foods. Though more time consuming…” He took another bite, chewed and swallowed. “…it’s much more edible.”
As I listened and ate, I sat reminded that Zim was an elite race so of course he could learn something like this easily. Shit, I could barely make mac and cheese. I stopped mid bite, fork heavy with food and my mouth open. I stared at Zim who looked back at me like I was a spectacle myself.
“What the hell are we doing?! Are we not gonna talk about what just happened??!” I exclaimed, finally snapping back into some damn sense, standing up. Zim darted his eyes away, but continued to stay seated casually.
“What do you mean?” I can’t even describe the face I probably made. I’m sure it expressed confusion though.
“What the hell is that supposed to mea- YOU KISSED ME.” Zim stayed casual and continued to eat.
“I know what happened.” He stated, playing with his food now, his expression not shameful or stressed at all like mine was. I just stared at him for a moment in silence. When he didn’t continue, I made an inquisitive gesture.
“Well??” Zim got up and walked his plate to the counter and set it down.
“You should eat.” He said back plainly, not turning around to me.
“Oh no.” I started, walking up to him. I wasn’t letting this conversation slide. Not like the one that had slipped about last night. I was tired of these unfinished conversations and lost dialogue between the two of us because of tension. I grabbed him by the elbow and slung him around before placing my hands flat and hard on the counter top, trapping him with my body against it.
“We are going to talk about this, damn it.”

“Look at me.” He instructed, not letting me away. I held Gir closer to my chest, clutching the closest thing to me as I started to panic. Was I to tell him? I couldn’t tell if he was just inquisitive or upset. I opened my mouth, about to break down and just tell him, but he released me and stepped back. He had become aware of his self, I suppose. He seemed extremely stressed...everything became silent. I didn’t know what to do. I did not have the proper training to handle Dib’s emotions and reactions. I wasn’t upset at him for his movements since I was almost sure I did something to make the conversation strained.
This was all my fault. I shook my head, not depressed about it, but frustrated that I didn’t know what to do. I just wanted to admit my actions so Dib would know. It was weighing heavily on me, but I just…I couldn’t tell him. The feeling that made me forget how to speak when I brought it up, only confirmed that I had done something wrong. Words didn’t seem to help. I thought hard and looked up at Dib, whose eyes were casually flicking back and forth at objects in the room, obviously storming over his own thoughts. I flinched a little when he clenched his fists so tightly that the bones in his hands made a loud pop noise.
Dib seemed to relax, sighing and closing his eyes, probably searching for something to say. I stopped to admire him as he stayed inside of his head. He was more of an attractive mate than I had originally assumed. I looked down at myself for a moment and contemplated what exactly made Dib stay beside me all along this. I had no one for a reason…Though…Dib didn’t seem to have anyone either. His family was in shambles and he had no friends or mate to speak of. We were both alone, it had always been this way I suppose. I swallowed hard. Why couldn’t he be mine? Though under stress and unconsciousness, the human seemed more than attracted to Zim as well. I thought about how hard Dib tried to think things through and fumbled with his inferior and confused human logic. Maybe he just hadn’t come to the same conclusion as I had yet. Maybe he just needed some help.
I walked to the couch and laid my gir unit very carefully down, knowing he would be okay for now, his CPU backed up onto Computer’s mainframe. I made a B line for Dib, grabbing him by the face as he turned around and pulled him down to mine by his jawline. I closed my eyes, not bothering to take his opinion into account just in case it made me change my mind. Just as it had been last night, the man’s lips were soft, but warmer than before. There was no opening of our mouth like in the food closet, but I didn’t know how to indicate such a change in our embrace. Either way this was just as nice. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer, making me smile slightly, my plan exposing him as I knew it would. He liked it too.  
I snaked my body closer to him, making it fit into his. It felt incredibly natural despite the fact that our bodies weren’t even from the same side of the universe. His grip suddenly seemed to lessen and he began to lean away a little. In reflex, I reached a claw to his hair, gripping him hard to make it clear I didn’t want him further away. His weight felt like it was going to fall on me for a moment, but he quickly regained himself and held me even tighter than before. As he did, I felt the mass in his pants against his leg got firmer and pressed into me. I felt my face become a little warmer; flattered he enjoyed it that much.
Suddenly, he opened his mouth in the kiss, showing me how to escalate. Excited, I slipped my tongue inside to feel his. It was so hot and different than it had been when we both had the same kind of mouth organs. I wrapped my tongue around his in a snake like coil and he moaned. My victory was short lived as my mouth began to feel like acid had been poured inside of it. I gripped Dib’s face and scalp, nearly falling to my knees before Dib held up my weight for me. I clasped my mouth, sure the burns were bad. What had caused them?! Dib…I couldn't kiss Dib in this form? It felt like when…like when I touched water. Was it my infernal skin weakness to earth compound? I held my face against the human’s chest, trying to withhold the pain.
“Zim?! What happened?” I tried to reply, but only made a weak winded noise. Regaining enough strength to stand on my own, I grabbed Dib by his shirt and made a determined route to the kitchen. My glue was in the drawer somewhere, just in case I needed to use the sink. After a frantic and annoying search I found the glue in the back of the third drawer. I thought since I couldn’t explain with words, Dib would figure out what happened after seeing the glue so I turned to him to show him.
“What the fuck…?” He asked. I glared at him and his stupidness, cursing him for not using his brain as I had anticipated and knew he could. He stepped away from me, obviously seeing my irritation for him. I opened my mouth, hissing as the sizzle of my skin gave off a steam of smoke. I quickly oozed a wad of glue in my mouth, holding the bottle above me and letting it goo drop into it. I moved the substance around in my mouth, letting the glue coat over my burns and coat my inner skin and soak in. I swirled my tongue in it and used my talon to smooth it over my scorched lips.  
“Are you…okay?” He asked me, a look of guilt and pain on his face until it started to go pink and he began to stare. I waited for him to snap out of his gaze as I sloshed the glue in my mouth, keeping it open as much as possible to keep my burns aired.  He was getting bothered by something sexually, I could tell by the way he flinched uncomfortably. I ignored him, not having a single clue what could be sexy about eating glue. I looked at the bottle and glared at it, thinking about how in this form I could not be as active as I wanted to be with the human.
“Well that shucks…” I pouted with a full mouth of glue. Just one more reason I had to become human again more permanently. I could feel the glue dripping out, but didn’t mind much since it just meant more protection. I looked up as Dib turned around, awkwardly shifting with his hands in his pocket. I was going to ask what the hell he was doing but instead I just shrugged my shoulders, assuming it had something to do with the glue. I continued to watch him though, entertaining myself as I made sure my mouth was coated properly. He walked to the counter and looked at the food before turning around and meeting my gaze.
I was glad he became interested in the food I had prepared him finally. I smiled and nodded to the plates, welcoming him to go on and eat. His smile back made me feel better, considering he had looked guilty before because of my injury. The shock of it seemed to distract the human that I kissed him at all. Either way I got to know what I wanted. The human did indeed feel attracted to Zim as well. I smiled to myself as I followed in Dib’s steps as I too got food, just to eat with him.
As we sat across from each other and chit chatted about the food casually. Everything was fine until Dib seemed to freeze. He stared at me for a moment and I stared back, confused. Then he finally slammed his hands to the table and stood.  
“What the hell are we doing?! Are we not gonna talk about what just happened??!”
I laughed inside, knowing he would eventually go back to the topic he had been ripped away from. I played coy. “What do you mean?” He stared back with the most confused and absolutely unbelievable face he could probably muster. I had to try so hard not to laugh as he started to freak out again. I wonder if it was a side effect of him coming to terms with his attraction to me. It shouldn’t surprise him since every shape I take no matter the race seems to get his blood to pump faster. What animals humans were.
“What the hell is that supposed to mea- YOU KISSED ME.” He continued to spout. I knew we would have to discuss it soon, but for now I was more concerned about being turned back into a human so I could try more.
“I know what happened.” Staying calm. I say no reason to react the way he was. I idly moved the food around my plate, my mouth not being able to stand to try to eat anymore. I started to wonder why Dib was acting this way, maybe he didn’t think he was attracted to me. Maybe he thought it was my fault. Humans were so confusing. I sighed. After I didn’t say anything else he tried to get attention again with gestures.
“Well??” He asked as I got up and put my plate down. I wanted to wait until my body was more prepared to express my sexual curiosities when I wouldn’t be burned by just his slobber.
“You should eat.” I pushed, wanting him to hurry up so we could get on with my transformation as promised.
“Oh no.” He started, storming up to me. He grabbed me by my arm and slung me around before trapping me, his hands on each side of me on the counter. His chest was pressing against me and keeping me still. I was afraid if I felt his body heat again I would lose it.
“We are going to talk about this, damn it.” He growled at me, his attractive amount of height looming over me. I glared up at him, but smiled.
“What’s there to talk about? I wanted to kiss you. I need to explain that?” I asked, crossing my arms. Dib got a little red, losing all threat as his face changed from irritated to interested. He gulped.
“R-really? Why?” He asked. I lifted a talon to his lips and pressed down on the plump of the bottom one as I looked at it.
“Because I wanted to.  Are you not listening?” I asked back.
“Zim…” Dib started, leaning down to me, pressing me harder into the counter, his groin pressing into my hip. “You shouldn’t mess with me like this. It’s bad for our health.” He warned, his eyes getting a little darker, like he was daring me to tease him more.
“Didn’t you like it?" I asked, wanting him to go over the edge and show me what he was hiding. Hiding ever since that first night when he ravaged me in the food closet. He didn’t answer; he just bit his lip and looked over me. I decided to make him angry, make his blood boil so he’d stop thinking so much. I looked away teasingly like I didn’t care anymore to lure him in and mumbled. “You father seemed to.”            
Dib pressed me hard against the counter to where it almost hurt. He grabbed me by my face and angled it to his. “So he did kiss you…?” Dib asked, his tone lethal. I was nervous to move at first, my tease feeling like it was going a little too far, but it was too late to go back now.
“A little.” I down played it as to not make Dib too focused on the wrong thing. “I didn’t like it though.” I added quickly even though it was only slightly true. The older man’s aggression at the time did make me melt. That I was ashamed of. Dib’s grip on my face got a little softer. He studied my eyes until, finally, his hand fell.
“I don’t want you to ever think about him like that…” He almost whispered, his tone dark, but I didn’t understand what he meant until he grabbed the collar of my hoodie. He pulled me up to him and crashed his mouth onto mine. I had succeeded and made him envious of his father. I moaned out and grabbed his shirt back, pulling him harder to me, my mouth coated with protection, I fully welcomed his attention. The principle of these actions still confused me, but these sensations were too intense and enjoyable to ignore. Besides, who was it hurting?
Dib started to press even harder into me, using one of his hands to go down my back and then my thigh. I felt something happening to the lower half of me, different from when I was a human. Dib broke our kiss to breathe and grabbed at my pants, using them to pull me up higher on the counter and wrap my leg around him. He was losing himself in this and I loved it. He pulled my mouth onto his again, fighting his tongue against mine. I tasted as much of his mouth as I could, shivering in the sensations as he squeezed the meat of my higher end of my thigh. At this angle I could feel him, hard again and rubbing against my groin. He continued to grind into me, making me huff and my lekkus vibrate.  
“You can feel it, can’t you?” He asked, pressing his hardness against the soft warmth of my groin. I made a purring noise of some kind that I wasn’t familiar with. I nodded and he started kissing me again, only breaking apart with pants. It was becoming too much to know he was in such a state and I couldn’t see it or touch it. I needed that adrenaline rush I had the night before from when I got to grope and lick and taste him.
“Can I touch it again?” I panted in a lust filled huff the next time we broke our kiss, my hands trailing down his front half, talons pulling him at his waist line. At first, Dib had smiled and bit down on his bottom lip at my request, but his features soon became inquisitive and I had realized I had let it slip.        
Again?” He asked, still panting. We stared at each other for a moment before I looked away, cursing myself for spilling.
“I…I may have gotten curious last night. After you refused to…talk about what happened in the pantry and then…I…you…were so willing asleep…” I got twisted  as soon as I tried to explain and Dib’s face only got darker, but he didn’t move away. Instead he released my collar and slid his hand underneath my hoodie, feeling my skin. I shivered at the contact, his hand so warm against mine. Did he not mind about my actions? Was I worried about nothing? He leaned closer and rested his head on my shoulder, sliding his hand the other direction and down the waist of my pants.
“Tell me more…”

He taunted me with Dad, I saw red for a second. The image of Dad crushing his mouth on Zim’s made me so mad that I didn’t see straight until I already had Zim’s face in my hand.                                          
“So he did kiss you…?” I asked, venom on my tongue. I was trying to calm down.
“A little…” He started, looking away. “I didn’t like it though.” His teasing tone was gone and I knew then that he only taunted me to get me to react. It still pissed me off though, to know he had kissed him. Looking down at his face, the one only I saw, I let my hand fall.
“I don’t want you to ever think about him like that…” My voice soft, I grabbed his hoodie and pulled him to me, needing more of him, needing to leave an impression so he’d always think of me first. When Zim moaned out in return I felt my dick throb. His mouth faintly tasted like glue, but I could give a fuck less. I pressed hard into him and slid my hand down him. The way I had always wanted to. I didn’t know what this meant for our relationship, but I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time. I was thinking more about this sexy alien I had been having wet dreams about for years teasing me and welcoming every touch I laid on him.
I was getting harder by the second and soon I was throbbing in a constant beat. I needed to feel him more, closer to it. I gripped the pants on his thigh and hiked it up, wrapping it around me and holding him up higher against the counter. I pulled him into a harder kiss and dominated his playful tongue. God, this is all I ever wanted; Zim huffing hotly underneath me. I squeezed his ass and the little bit of plush on his thigh and he seemed to melt in my touch. With his lap pulled up more spread eagle I could grind into him at the perfect angle to where I could completely stroke against both of us. Zim was panting and swooning in my arms, his antennae buzzing, making a soft excited noise.  I grinned down at him between the kiss.
“You can feel it, can’t you?” I asked in a husk, pressing my hard shaft into his groin. He made a delicious noise, similar to a purr. He nodded with an intoxicated expression and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I kissed him back fiercely. My cock was throbbing hard and I knew if I didn’t try to get off, it was going to hurt later. Zim was getting more into it so hard it felt like we might actually fuck, but I knew better. This was enough for me; I would probably hurt him or freak him out if I did anything else.
“Can I touch it again?” We parted and he huffed out in the sexiest voice I had ever heard in my life. His claws went down from my shirt and into the waist line of my jeans and boxer briefs. I grinned, biting on my bottom lip in excitement. About to of course let him do whatever he wanted, but… Then I heard what he said again in an echo in the back of my head. Again?
Again?” I asked out loud this time, panting. He looked away from me. What the hell was he talking about? I hadn’t let him touch before.
“I…I may have gotten curious last night. After you refused to…talk about what happened in the pantry and then…I…you…were so willing asleep…” Zim stumbled in his words, but I got the jest of it. Faint spots of a dream I thought I was having came to mind and I stared at him. I remembered just pieces, him licking and…sucking… and so much more. My lower stomach tensed as I got harder at the thought. I knew I should have been more upset, but… I couldn’t stop thinking about how fucking hot that was. That he touched me…all over and everywhere…because he wanted to. I released his collar and slid my hand underneath just hoodie and shirt. His skin was still so cool to the touch, my skin hot from the excitement. I leaned in closer, resting my face less than an inch away from his neck, sliding my hands down instead, and slipping into his pants. I wanted to hear everything I missed.
“Tell me more…” I whispered, my voice deeper than usual. I pressed my mouth against the skin of his neck, not daring to lick him since there was only glue covering his mouth. He purred again and craned into me, pressing himself harder into my shaft. I bit hard on my bottom lip to hold in a moan. He panted, his pointed little tongue hanging off his bottom lip.
“Z-zim touched…the Dib..” His voice turned into a mutter as I slid my hands further down his front. He was smooth underneath his belt and since he wasn’t fighting…I went further down. I wanted to know what he was like down there. He panted and tilted his head back as he whined, trying to move my hand lower. He seemed a little nervous. He kept glancing down and watched what I was doing. Hell, that was making me nervous.
“..A-and..” He continued, his voice getting weaker. He was basically sitting on the counter now, his legs spread open, me in the middle. “….I pulled you out…and licked on you..” He was panting, my hand had hesitated, but with how much Zim looked he needed the attention I gathered the little courage I needed and slid my hand over him. My entire body shook in excitement as I felt wetness and Zim whined in a long moan. He was arching his back now, his eyes and face flushed as he looked up at me, a mix of fear in his lustful expression.
“You’re…flat..?” I asked, curiously. “You’re a…a boy, aren’t you?” I asked, my face blushing embarrassed as I left my hand over him, my middle finger curiously pressing down, looking for an opening. He glared at me, his flustered face making him a lot less threatening.
“O-of course, Zim is- Aah~-!” He tensed and relaxed over and over again. I decided not to worry about it; I didn’t care what he had anyways. I smirked before pulling my hand out of his pants, rewarding myself a pout and a whine.
“Wh-wha- why are you stopping?” He asked, almost like he was concerned he did something wrong. Without a word, because I didn’t know what to say, I pulled his pants down to his knees in one hard tug. Zim didn’t protest, but he did try to cover himself a little.
“I won’t look…” I lied. I wouldn't now, but I would as soon as I got the chance. I pulled his claws away with one of my hands. I leaned in and kissed him deeply, shivering again, never getting tired of his flexible thin tongue wrapping around mine. As soon as he got into it, his eyes closed, I slid two fingers down the seam of him, making him moan out into the kiss. It made my pants unbelievably tight. My dick was throbbing painfully, but I wanted more of this. I wanted to make him need me. He didn’t protest any further, but he did jump.
“I-It’s weird…” He whined, but I didn’t stop. I kissed him harder and bit onto his lip, pulling it a little and making him moan again.
“I know…I…I can’t stop though…” I warned as my fingertips felt the edge of what felt like a hole. The only thing I knew from sex and things like it was porn basically, but this felt more natural than it should have. I stood at the side, hiking his legs up, one on my shoulder and the other slightly in the air. Since his pants weren’t off completely it helped keep his legs up. Zim nodded at me, I guessed knowing what I meant. I leaned in and kissed his neck softly and dryly before slipping a finger inside of him. He gripped ahold of me, one of his claws in my back, the other gripping the edge of the counter top.  
“Fuck you’re tight=” I huffed out loud by accident. I looked up to see his sharp teeth over the skin of his chin, sucking in his bottom lip. “Am I hurting you=?” I asked like every virgin on earth probably. He shook his head.
“No…Zim is just…anxious. My race doesn’t have sexual encounters..” He explained quickly in pants. “I don’t even know if my body is programmed…for this..” He panted heavier as I slid my finger further in. As I hit my base knuckle he sighed and moaned.
“Fuck=” I huffed under my breath, seeing him like this out of this world. I was pretty sure he was wrong. He was so wet and ready that there was no way his race wasn’t meant for this. I mean, sure it was weird to have the males with holes, but I wasn’t in any position to question or to care at this point. I started to move and Zim immediately started to thrust back on to my hand. He reached up and slid one of his antennas in his mouth and started to nibble on it. Probably one of the cutest things I’d ever seen in my life.  
Feeling him get a little looser, I slid in another finger and stretched him out a little bit more. He gasped and moaned, hiking himself up a little higher so I could finger him deeper. His ability to catch on so quickly was unnerving. He was so prepared and without hesitation that it made me a little nervous.
“Dib~…” He moaned, making my entire core shake and stopping me in my thrusts inside of him.
“Zim=..” I panted, the pain of my dick rubbing against my zipper killing me. “I-I don’t think I can last any longer…” As soon as I finished, Zim grabbed my shirt and pulled me down on top of him, kissing me hard. I guess he was distracting me since when I opened my eyes his pants were pulled back up. I was about to complain, but he had already slunk to the floor, his open mouth pressed against my zipper. My knees nearly buckled in and I had to hold myself up with the counter.
“Fuck=…” I huffed again, covering my face as he undid my pants and started to mouth my shaft through my underwear. I leaned on the counter, still covering my eyes with my hand. “Zim, you don’t have-“ I didn’t even get to finish before he had grabbed my waist band and let my erection properly stand out, leaning and pulsating on his face. I looked just in time to see him press the tip against his lips. He looked up at me. He continued eye contact as he opened his lips and took the tip of my dick in his mouth. I looked away, over my shoulder, anywhere. I knew if I watched him, I’d cum immediately. He rolled his hand up and down my shaft, flicking his thin tongue inside the slit of my tip.
“Jesus, what all did you learn while I was sleeping…?” I asked, not expecting such skill from him at all. He bobbed his mouth over my head, again and again, not bothering to answer me. I guess he was too into it to care about anything else. I felt like it was too one sided, like I was just some loser getting amazing head. I realized he was sitting on my shoe and started to rub him a little through his pants. He started to rock his hips against it, realizing what I was doing. I reached down and gently touched one of his antennas and he moaned on my dick, making his mouth vibrate. I almost came immediately. I wasn’t ready for this. This fantasy coming true. I grabbed ahold of them both and held them at their base before putting my other hand behind Zim’s head. I started to thrust deeper into his mouth, making him moan and drool more on my dick.
I couldn’t hold back any more; I started to pump inside of his throat. I was afraid to look down in case he was looking at me with pleading eyes so I’d stop. My need to see his expression over powered me and I looked down for just a moment, but…I ended up staring…his face showed only pleasure. His eyes were glossy and beautiful and his mouth was stretched perfectly, outlined around the base of my shaft. He gripped the side of my thigh, wrapping his other arm around and gripping my ass, as if trying to get me to thrust harder into his throat. I didn’t argue. Releasing his lekkus, I pressed one hand on the counter and left the other on the back of his head to protect him and keep him close. I started to thrust, hard, deep, and fast, the back of my hand hitting the counter side as I used it to force my dick further down Zim’s alien throat. It was so deep and so tight. It was getting warmer with each stroke and I was about to cum. I clenched my hand into a fist on the counter as I bucked into Zim’s mouth like a ravage dog, groaning in each thrust. I needed this so bad~ I didn’t care about the consequences, I wanted to fuck Zim so badly, any way I could. And if he was letting me? I wasn't about to say anything to make it stop.
I felt the first wave of electricity rush over me, I tried to pull back, ready to pump the end of it out myself as to not get cum on Zim. I didn’t want to burn him again. As I pulled away though, he gripped my ass and my thigh hard, almost cutting into my clothes. I looked down at him and he glared back up.
“I’m= I’m gonna cum=” I started to warn him, but he just nodded and bobbed his head on my dick just as fast as I had been face fucking him. “N-no=” I gasped, overwhelmed and desperate. “Zim= I don’t wanna hurt you=” I tried to explain as I attempted to pull him off by his jaw with both hands, but it only made the suction more powerful. Zim popped his mouth off finally, but kept pumping me with his hand.
“That bitter stuff that comes out= Zim wants it= I swallowed the glue, I’ll be fine= Zim needs this ‘cum’=” He explained in hot pants, not waiting on my response as he quickly slide my cock all the way to the back of his throat again. I couldn’t argue anymore, I continued to pull him with my hands by his jaw, but this time to get off in his mouth. With every suck and lick, I got a million times closer.
“Fuck=Fuck=Fuuuck=…” I moaned just as I felt my balls tense up and I finally spent in his mouth. I came in a thick shot that I felt gag him before I pumped a few more. It was hot and covered the tip of my dick, making me shake and cum more. My knees shook as Zim slurped his lips tightly all the way down to my head before releasing me. I held myself up on the counter, looking down at him, panting. My dick was standing almost straight up, visually pulsating as drops of cum dripped down into Zim's open, cum filled mouth. His expression overfilled with satisfaction. He was almost humming he was so happy, tasting my cum and playing with it in his mouth.  He looked up at me and opened his lips, trying to talk. “Soo~ good~ Dib=” He swooned. I couldn’t believe my eyes, even now that it was over…That’s right…it was over. He knew he had power over me now. I wondered how soon it would be until this silly sexy alien was the center of my life…
I slipped myself back inside and took a relaxing breath as Zim finished enjoying my orgasm. When I turned around, I smiled. I realized my cameras were still on and had the recording waiting for me at home. Damn I couldn’t wait to watch that again.


The loom of Dib’s computer illuminated his room as the live feed played loudly, the finishing moans of their love making echoing from his desktops speakers. As the scene of Dib looking up at the camera and smiling at it, so too did the face of the man watching it. He sipped out of the short glass of scotch on the rocks.
“How interesting…” He muttered before rewinding the recording and shifting himself a bit as he re-watched the previous passionate scene.
EARTH FRIENDLY Ch14 (read description)
SEXUAL> VURY VURY SEXUAL> just making sure we all know before you read (i know there's a warning but still)Mirai Glasses Icon 
Okay please enjoy the chapter ~ Pinkie Jump 
SO glad i got this done finally, i felt like i was kind of dragging my feet, but ive been kind of sick lately @ ^ @  
anyway~ thank you guys so much for all your support to finish this, makes me feel specialIT'S SO AMAZING  - Edd Icon 

all support is welcomed and appreciated~Thank you all so much <3 Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 

Chapter 13
We were in the car before Dib said anything. He was out of breath, the both of us having run all the way there from his father’s office. I looked over to Dib, hesitant to put my seat restraints on. He was staring out at the building, his hands clenching the vehicle turning wheel so tight that his knuckles had turned white, the skin constricting over the bone. He didn’t really have an expression on his face. He was just staring, from the building to the center of the wheel. I accidently jumped when he looked over to me. He looked like he was trying to figure out some kind of mathematical formula that was written on my face. He reached over to me and placed his hand on the back of my neck firmly. “You’re okay?” His tone made it sound like it was more of a statement.
I felt my face get warmer, his hand on the back of my neck making me lean closer to his face. Without a noise, I nodded quickly in a one short nod. My body went rigid when he moved
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Dibbies QA by NotYourTherapist
Dibbies QA
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i love you allBig Hero 6 Baymax (Hairy Baby!) ~ these are the ones i had immediant reactions for. feel free to ask the questions again later ect.
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QA is now open for all the Dib's in my series~
this includes, Self Discovery, Undeniable, In the Forest (even though there isnt much of it yet) and Earth Friendly~
These i will answer with a drawn response~

I wanted to do something fun and different from my usual stream of things and answer some questions~
though i fear what some of you may ask Dramaticdean haha
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First of all, thank you for your great questions~
Sorry i dont have the ability to do awesome
responses to all of them ^///^'
anyways, i will from now on be posting a chapter of Earth Friendly between
each comic page upload. This will cause a longer wait for comic pages, but 
i'll finally be posting chapters of my fanfaction more than once every what- four months? haha
but i plan to be like a super hero when it comes to my progress from now on, especially since 
my patreon is a weekly thing and i feel the need to post more often to make them feel special ^//^
Speaking of which, just posted something like a few moments ago so pledges~ its waitin for ya. 
anywho, it's that time of the year and i will be putting up a holiday special up soon for ya'll ^ ^ 
i'm also open for commissions once more since i have to raise up money for the trip to
my hubby's family's again for the holiday visit - ^ -
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